Monday, January 26, 2009

Music Monday--ON TIME!!!!!

This week's song is "Jesus-Bring the Rain" by Mercy of my favorite songs! It played on the radio yesterday morning on my way to church.

This song speaks so much truth and really speaks to me now. I really encourage you to listen and watch this video today...the video is awesome too!!

At the beginning of this song, it asks why do we (believers) continue to praise HIM during struggling times? Why do we tend to draw closer to the Lord during the "storm?" Well...because we know God is in control, and everything happens for a reason. This song actually goes along with our church's message yesterday, which I'll be sharing, hopefully, with you tomorrow. God brings the "rain" to test make sure our faith is refine our faith. Nothing happens by accident...always for a reason. And if life's pain and struggles is what it takes for us to grow in Christ and praise our Lord and Savior...then.."Jesus-Bring the Rain." One of the lines in the chorus of this song says: "There are days when this life will bring me pain..but if that's what it takes to praise You...Jesus-bring the rain."

I'm struggling, and have been for awhile, with my health and just life in general. We all struggle. But it is comforting to know, that whatever these struggles are, whether its throwing up for 6 hrs, loosing a loved one, divorce, etc....God is using each of these to refine and purify our faith. It is our time to really show Christ that we trust him and give him complete control, not only of our struggles, but of our life. I feel so much better knowing this, and whatever pain or discomfort CF and transplant bring me, as well as just "life," I know it is God working in me!

More comforting news to come later this week!!