Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prayers for Kori

If you do not follow Kori's blog...go ahead and check it out. Her husband, Richard, has CF and has been battling cancer as well for a couple of years. Kori recently discovered lumps on her breast and had some tests done today. And there is a very good chance it's cancer! This is going to be tough, as her husband is basically just living, waiting for the cancer to take him home to Heaven, and they have two young boys as well. Please pray for her and send her some love. I know she can definitely use it! She lives near me and we've had the chance to meet once or twice...and she's an awesome woman!


Carebear said...

Oh my gosh. I have been following her blog and have her link posted under prayer requests on my sidebar, but when I tried to check up on her disneyland trip recently, the settings on her blog were changed to "invitation only" and I couldn't view it. Please keep us updated since I can't check in for myself.