Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Update/Moving


I need everyone to lift my friend Shaun up in prayer today! He is going downhill, and was intubated last night! I really don't' know anymore details, but will be going down to the unit to visit him and his mom later on today. He is just a little over 1 year post-transplant. So please, keep him in your prayers!! THANKS!

As for me....I've had a rough night and morning. I started getting nauseated early this morning, and started throwing up around 8:30. It took me 1 hour to finally get my nurse to call the doctor and get some medicine ordered. That took forever, and of course he didn't order what I know helps me. The doctor then came to see me, and I told him I was still nauseated and throwing up after receiving the Zofran. He ordered Phinigren, but it took almost another 30 minutes to get that. The nausea is now gone yay!!!

The service on this unit has gotten worse and worse and I have to VENT about it...sorry!! No one ever put the overlay for my bed together yesterday, after asking about 4 or 5 times. The nurse saw it this morning and told my nurse that was orienting to put it together. Well, has he done that yet? NO!!!

I finished my IV abx about 6:00 this morning. My night shift nurse had set the pump to switch over to the saline/fluids. I guess because she was lazy and didn't want to come unhook me??? So when my day shift nurse came around at 7:00, I told her the med had been through and could she please unhook me from the fluids (I don't need extra fluids...and hate it when i get them). My day shift nurse said she would do it when she came back around with her "stuff." Do you know what time she finally unhooked me?? 10:30. UGh!! I was so frustrated! When my 4:00 am med finished last night, it took 4 calls to the nurses station and about 45 minutes for someone to come in and unhook me.

Anyways...enough of me ranting!! I'm MOVING to our transplant floor..YAY!! One of my BEST BEST nurses from that unit has worked to get me moved. So as soon as the patient leaves and the room is cleaned, I'm moving. So who knows when that will be, but at least I'm getting off this floor! And even if it is only til tomorrow!!

I still don't know a definite date for coming home. Another doctor comes on service for the weekend!

I'll update later! I hope everyone is having a great Friday!


Katelyn said...

I AM FRUSTRATED WITH YOU! I hate it when things like that happen. I had an experience with a nurse last time I was hospitalized and it took her a half dozen pages before she decided to come unhook me from my IV, and that's only AFTER my sister when and hunted her down.

I'm going to make a T-shirt that says, "If you're not passionate about your job, I don't want you as my nurse."

I'm praying the Transplant Unit is so, so much better.

Alicia said...

That's totally frustrating! I hope you're getting your new room as I type this.

Aspiemom said...

Woo-hoo for getting moved to the tx floor!

When I was in Johns Hopkins for 2 weeks I had the exact same problems. It was HORRIBLE. You wouldn't think JH would be like that- I don't think their Cancer Hosp. is, but the regular one was terrible!

65 Roses for Marcia said...

I'm hoping things go MUCH better on your new floor:)Hang in there...