Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sat. morning update

So I just saw the doctor a little while ago. As I mentioned in my last post, a different doctor is on for the weekend (one I like better). But that bad part is that they all have different opinions. So this one doesn't want to send me home yet.....bummer. My culture sensitivities are not back yet and he doesn't want to send me home on some random abx. He said I was growing pseudomonas (I don't know if that is the same thing as gram-negative rods or not?). He said they might be back tomorrow...but no promises. Then he proceeds to say he might just send me home on home iv abx....ugh!! While I am ready to go home and get back to normal life, I do want what is best for me and agree with him. Usually I am only sensitive to 1 oral abx. So if I need iv abx to knock this stuff out for good, then i guess I'll have to do it. I wouldn't mind it any other time....just now is not the best time with my internship. Next week is spring break for I won't have any additional assignments or tests due. But I do have several make-up assignments, 1 exam, and a lot of reading/studying to do. The most important part is that I'm missing my internship. And since I'm graduating in May....not much time to make-up stuff right now. So please pray that when I do get out of here, that I'll be able to make everything up and get everything done in time and good grades to graduate. This whole trip was totally unexpected, and my days here keep increasing.

My friend Shaun still needs your prayers, but should make a full recovery (although it may take several weeks). We almost lost him early Friday morning....he went into severe shock and his prognosis was not good). So please continue to lift him up!! Thanks!! least I'm back down on our transplant floor and some of my favorite nurses work today :) My mom and brother should be coming down later on today.

Until next time.....


Brandi said...

Glad that you are "home" now! I know I would hate being stuck on a unit where I didn't know anybody, either. ~Laters~

Christy said...

Well Katey, I do hope that if you have to go on IV's, it will be an easy regimen. You know.. like every 12 hours. :)

Yes, Pseudo is a gram negative bacteria.

I'm praying for you.