Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My fever is gone for the moment, so I thought I would write a quick update. I mentioned in the previous post, I do have pneumonia and have been admitted to the hospital. Several of you have asked a few questions.

Our transplant unit is FULL again, so I AM on another unit. However, I'm not on the unit I was last time. It is a cardiac-step down unit. The nurses have been nice so far. It's still not the same, but hopefully I will move rooms soon. I'm ok with the doctor that is on call. It's not Dr.Y. It's actually the doctor that discharged me last time.

Right now they have me on 3 iv abx and albuterol treatments. I'm also in the process of getting some IV mag, because it was really low. The pneumonia is in the same lung and same spot as it always is...which is odd. I have not ever had pneumonia (post-tx) in the lobe from my Mom. It's always in my other donor's lung :)

I still have major chest and back pain. My breathing has calmed a little bit, and are hoping i can get some rest tonight. I do feel really sick, but know I will bounce back quick.

The most frustrating part of this is missing school. I know we'll figure a way to work it all out.

I know I will be here at least a week. Hopefully then I can go home and finish up the IV abx. who knows?? Thanks for your comments and prayers! I'll update again soon!


Cara said...

Oh no Katey! I'm so sorry that you are feeling rotten. I love your spirit though and I too know that you will bounce back quickly! Praying for you cyster!

Emily said...

(Ok, I wrote all this on your facebook before I read your blog about being in the hospital. I know you are not able to get on facebook while you are at the hospital, I always found that frustrating) Anyway, I'm so glad to hear that Shaun is making progress! I can't only imagine how difficult it has been for him but like you said he is a fighter and has such a great attitude towards life and CF. I'm hoping by now he has that nasty tube out and that he is breathing on his own!
Do you know if Shaun has a relationship with the Lord? I have never really talked to him about that and so I just didn't know.

I hate to hear that you are feeling so sick! Man, I now what is like to feel so heavy chested and scary. I pray those breathing treatments and IV's will do the trick! If you can try to get some rest (ask for the good sleeping meds, hehe) that would be good.

Congratulations on the award and the opportunties to share your story! Wish I could be there to help you in anyway. Keep us updated!

Katelyn said...

No! I am so sad to read this! I have what I was going to send you last time, but decided against it since I knew you were going home so soon. Is it OK if I send it to you now? Would you want it sent to your room or house? I'm praying you feel better soon.