Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday night Hopsital update

Well...I'm still here...haven't moved rooms yet. It's been a pretty boring day. I did manage to escape my room for a little while during lunch to go eat with a couple of nurses at McAlister's. I'm feeling about the same. The walk to McAlister's wore me completely out and sent me on a bad wheezing rampage. But other than that, things have been pretty much the same. I'm still waiting to get some much needed sleep! I still have no indication on when I'm going home. As of Friday, I stil had some pneumonia showing on my xray. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a better idea. Dr.Y mentioned today about me going on continuous inhaled antibiotics to keep me from getting sick. Hmm...not sure about that?? We'll see! A different doctor comes back on for next week (hoping it's my favorite).

Please say a special prayer for my friend Shaun. Yesterday was an extremely critical day for him and he has now started completely over on his recovery. He coded several times last night, and was re-intubated/extubated multiple times due to mucous plugs blocking his airway. Everything has turned around (for the worse) again such as his temperature, CO2 levels, WBC count, etc. He also got a pneumothorax last night due to the intubation/removal of mucous plugs. He is back on 90% on the ventilator and is now under complete sedation and paralytics. The slightest move causes his sats to drop. He is in serious respiratory distress/failure and really needs a miracle right now. They are not sure if he has any neurological damage due to oxygen not getting to his lungs/brain yesterday. I know he is a fighter, and will beat this. God is right there beside him, but needs our help too! For those of you that have never been on complete sedation AND paralytics, it's basically like your body is in a coma. Your entire body is artificially paralyzed. This makes the recovery SO SO much harder. This is what I had right before/during my transplant, that caused me to have to learn how to walk again (which took 6+ months). He's a lot stronger than me and has a lot of strong muscles, etc.; so I'm hoping that won't be the case. But nothing is certain for us at this time. They are also looking at putting a trach tube in him in the next few days. So please say a special prayer for him tonight! Thank you!

After seeing my friend Shaun so sick, I feel bad/guilty asking prayers for me or complaining that I still feel sick. I know that is not what God wants me to think, but it's hard! But please still keep me in your prayers as well! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I'm going to try and get a few hours of sleep before my midnight IV antibiotics!


The Liberto Family said...

Sorry to hear you are back in the hospital. I haven't been reading blogs the last couple of days. You are in our prayers and also Shaun.

Anonymous said...

I will continue praying for you and Shaun!!

Brooks Family said...

Praying for you and Shaun and his family!