Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO BORED!!!! I'm ready to get out of this place!! I know you CFers know how it feels to be bored. It's a LOT different post-tx! So I talked with my doctor that came in earlier. Evidently my pneumonia was worse off than I thought. I thought it was just a small spot in my right lower-lobe/lung. I asked my Dad if he got a good look at my xray when we were in clinic, because I didn't pay any attention to it. He said it covered my entire right lung (lobe in my case) and that it was like a "snow-storm." Now..that's coming from my Dad. I asked my doctor a little while ago if the pneumonia was still there. And he said yes, that it was going to take a good long while for it to clear up....UGH!!! So I may be here longer than I thought or realized. I really want to be out by Friday, so I can go back to my internship next week, but I really have no clue/idea...ugh!!!

I did manage to escape my room again today to eat lunch with some nurses from our transplant unit. They are still full, and it doesn't look good for me moving. Well, I think i may try and take a small nap before I get hooked up to my iv abx.

Oh...thank you for your prayers for Shaun. He is about the same today, not any worse.
I hope everyone had a good Monday!


Christy said...

Hey Katey - I went to make a donation to pay for the earrings but I could only find your 2008 page online - do you have one for 2009? Thanks!

I hate that you are bored! I hope you find something to provide some entertainment soon.

Aspiemom said...

I remember on one time they were trying to list all of the things to do while in the hospital to keep from going crazy. Some of the ideas were crazy!

My butt would get so sore when I was in, too!

Your pneumonia must have been really bad. I sure hope it starts clearing up soon so that you can get out.

Do you follow LightNLife at and She a Christian CFer and has been going through a very rough time, also.

Brandi said...

Hey girl! It was good to see you today. =) I hope it was a little break in your boredom!

CFlover said...

Hey Hey!!
M swears you wont be bored anymore if you will just fill a glove up with water and everytime someone comes in your room just give them a little squirt..or he says you can smear something red every where and frantically press your nurse call button and watch the reactions...Just some ideas Michael form =)

The Smithson Family said...

I know you have to be bored! When I had each of my children and when Lainey was in the NICU, it was sooooo boring! Hopefully soon you will be able to enjoy the Spring weather!

Christy said...

Too bad we all can't crash your room and party with you. :) Yeah, boredom in the hospital can drive you nuts!

I'm praying you get out by Friday Katey. It sounds like your lung was pretty filled up. Ughh. I'm also continuing to pray for Shaun.