Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clinic Report

Yesterday, I had a follow up transplant clinic appointment. And it went really well! It's the best appointment I've had probably in a LONG LONG time. And I have felt so much better than I have in a REALLY LONG time (except see update at bottom of post). My chest xray was clear. My PFTs were 43/42, which is 10% higher than December, and overall higher than they've been in a LONG time. My lab work was good. Several of my levels are screwy: I'm dehydrated: Creatnine was 1.4 (i stay around 0.8 or 0.9), HCT was: 27 (which contributes to why I feel tired, but they don't ever do anything about that); Magnesium: 1.4-low, but they let me skip out on supplemental IV mag for now; and my BUN was high as well. I'm not sure why I'm dehydrated, but are instructed to try and drink LOTS and LOTS of fluid. The only symptom I have had the last few days is some major wheezing and a little bit of sinus stuff. They were really proud of yesterday's results!

My doctor also started me on Bactrim. Evidently, they are putting every single one of their patients back on this drug, regardless if the person is 6 months post-tx, or 5 years post-tx. They said it prevents a type of pneumonia: PCP, and that recently, when patients have contraced this type, it hasn't been good results. I'm all about preventing, especially since I get pneumonia so much. But I hate to add another pill to my regime. Oh well!

I had two good friends at clinic yesterday (CF/tx), so we spent a lot of time visiting and two of use ate lunch afterwards. I also managed to land a media relations job...where I will be the feature of a graduation story on the news and UAB media site. Not sure the details yet. It was very random. The local news was there interviewing another patient. My coordinator told the UAB medial relations person about me, and we started talking. She was so excited..and so am I! I've already signed consent forms! I can't wait!~

So yesterday after clinic when I got home around 3:00 or so, I was very exhausted and very nauseated. I rest for several hours, then headed to babysit at 6:30. I was dragging, but just thought I was tired. At the house where I was babysitting, I kept dosing off on the chair watching TV and was very cold...again, just thought I was tired and that the temperature in the house was cold. I got home, lied down, and BAM...I had a fever....totally unexpected. Real quickly, I started feeling crappy. name it, I feel it. My mom was sweet and doped me up on Tylenol all night and attended to my needs. I felt some better this morning and made myself get up to go to my internship. This was my final day and I need the hours. I really wasn't feeling that great after a few hours there. So I explained the situation to my instructor and she let me leave early, still counting as many hours as I needed to. THANK heaven for a great and understanding instructor. So needless to say, I'm home, and resting. My fever is currently 99.3 (which is still a little high for me). My coordinator/doctor decided to start me on 2 weeks of oral abx, Avelox, to knock whatever this out. It just doesn't make sense to me...everything was perfect yesterday. The only thing we think it could be is a sinus infection. My Dad thinks maybe I reacted to something they did at clinic, but I really can't think of anything that would. It really amazes I got for about 1-2 weeks of feeling great,perfect clinic appointment, and all of a sudden, I start running fevers again. It makes me mad...I have LOADS of school work to finish up this week. Oh well! Please pray that the oral abx kick in SOON and I'll be back on my feet in no time! I have a great strides walk I'm supposed to be working at on Saturday as well. last thing..I got my cap and gown yesterday...YAY!!!


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Glad to hear you had a good visit too. Sorry to hear about the fever though. It's funny, every time we come out of clinic, Lil' Chris starts to cough. He did it yesterday, but by night he wasn't coughing anymore. Wierd isn't it?

Did you say you were haning out with other CF friends? Do you think that possibly they may have passed something onto you? I pray not. Hope you feel better soon,

CFlover said...

Im so glad you had a good clinic!!
So Sorry you are haiving a flare up no tho!!! grrr

I hope you fell better quick! And congrats on the job!!

Brandi said...

Hope you are feeling better. I finally got a script for Levaquin for this stupid sinus infection.

Your #'s were great!

Alicia said...

Great news! So how long will they have you on bactrim?

Sarah said...

Feel better.