Friday, April 3, 2009

Q & A Post-Answers, Part II

Here are more questions asked from my Q & A Post! Thanks again for asking all of these great question!! I'm going to one more post of questions that were asked that have nothing to do with CF/transplant! (I hate doing really long posts).

Katelyn asks:

Would you have another lung transplant if you were presented with the opportunity to do so? Yes, absolutely! Not that I'm a big fan of going through what I went through with my transplant. But if my health got to that point, and I was given the opportunity, I would do anything to extend my life!

How will having CF effect your occupation of becoming a nurse? Are you not worried about bodily fluids and germs? I'm concerned, but not so much worried. I'm more worried of me not having the energy to get through nursing school! I've never been much of a worrier post-tx (or pre, for that matter), about germs, etc. I am careful and avoid sick people when possible and wash my hands when needed. But I'm not a germaphobic (spelling/word??). I will, however, try and choose an area to work in where there is less risk of catching stuff (avoiding pulmonary floors, etc.). I would love to work in a Neonatal ICU. My plan is to work with pediatric patients as well, but will have to cross that decision upon completion of nursing school! I may even look into working in a Physician office or become an ER nurse??? I would LOVE LOVE to work
with CF patients. But unfortunately, that would not be the best thing for me or the patients.

Marcia asks:

What was it like after your transplant,breathing with new lungs? Could you tell the difference right away?? Yes, pretty much. I stayed on the ventilator for about 3 days after my transplant. For the 1st couple of days off the vent, I had a hard time adjusting to how it felt without oxygen. I had become so dependent on it, so it was more of a panic thing because my 02 saturations were perfect. So the doctors allowed me to use some 02 off and on and at night for a little while. But to get me to go without it completely, they had to trick me by turning the 02 off (without me noticing). The 02 thing (can't think of the name...sorry) was behind my bed in the ICU, so I couldn't see. After I got used to how I was was AWESOME!!!! It feels so great to be able to breathe!!!

What do you have to do now post transplant to take care of yourself?Is is mostly meds?? Yes, it is mostly meds! The most important meds are the anti-rejection meds, which keep the lungs from rejecting your body! In addition, because you are immuno-suppressed, you have to try and avoid being around sick people. You need to be cautious, and wash hands frequently. It is also important to try and exercise and drink lots of fluids! The anti-rejection meds can damage your kidneys over time, so that's why drinking fluids is very importnat (or staying hydrated). For some post-tx patients, like me, I get sick frequently. So I try to not overdo myself, but it's very hard not to for me because I choose to always be on the go. But I make sure that when I feel the slightest bit sick, I call and get checked out, because you never know what it can turn in too. You can't just brush it off like you do with CF exacerbation's, colds, etc. It's much more serious. I do continue to take enzymes for CF and a CF vitamin. That is basically the only thing I have to do related to CF. I do have sinus issues every now and then, so keeping the sinuses healthy and clear is also a big part of post-tx care, because those secreations and bugs can move into your lungs quickly, causing pneumonia.

Aspiemom asks:
How are your lungs doing with the pneumonia? Currently they are better! Each time I get pneumonia, it varies in severity. With each time though, it takes at least 2 weeks of iv abx to knock it out. The symptom that bothers me the most is fatigue and no energy. It usually takes me awhile to rebound from pneumonia, depending on how severe it is. This time, unfortunately, it was pretty severe (more than in the past), and I'm gaining my energy back extremely slow. I'm also still VERY SOB with activity. But the other symptoms (cough, wheezing, chest pain and fevers are gone). I do not know though if the pneumonia is gone. I will find out next Wed. And just for an interesting fact: It's always just my right lung/lobe that gets pneumonia. I've never had it in my left!

Cara asks:
Why do you think it is that CF makes people ridiculously good looking and cool? ;)
Hmm...not sure if I have a really good answer or not???? CF is special, we are special people! We endure a heck of a lot of challenges! So at the least, we can look good!! And we're pretty cool people. We have fun, despite our struggles and we can juggle a lot of things at one time. How's that???


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I love Cara's question AND your answer. :)

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Thank you for sharing your answers they were awesome! Especially Cara's :)

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Thank you for answering.I especially liked your last answer!!
And now I hope your foot/ankle heals quickly!