Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still here/update

I apologize for not posting until now. It's been crazy!!! I am back from the beach and will post pictures later this week. It was nice to get away, but the weather was definitely sucky...20-30 mph winds each day, and very overcast..not much sunshine at all. Nevertheless, it was still a good trip (and I managed to get a small tan). I'll post more beach details later! Monday was back to reality...internship all day, as well as today and this Thursday. After that...I'm DONE!!! YAY!! I have MULTIPLE assignments and tests this week in addition to my final program comprehensive exam this weekend (which is a mock-examination of my RHIA licensing exam)....and I'm not yet prepared. So I have a LOT of studying to do between now and then!

I have a follow up transplant clinic appointment tomorrow (Wed). I'm pretty sure all will go well. My vertigo is completely gone (and was as of last Tuesday). My foot is better, but is still in pain. I'm planning on re-xraying it this week (since I've been walking on it a lot). I've got a little bit of sinus and wheezing stuff going on, but don't think it's anything to worry about!

We've got our Tuscaloosa Great Strides Walk this Saturday, which I'll be attending and working at. I'm really excited, and it's supposed to be HOT and beautiful this weekend!!!

So...a busy, busy week. My sole goal is to complete everything for school and ACE that exam this weekend!! Graduation is just a short 2.5 weeks away...YAY!!! (Still a lot to do before that though).

I'll do my best to post more this week...i have more things to share....promise!! I have been reading and keeping up with everyone else :)


Graciy said...

It really good to hear from you... well read from you. I'm really glad you had fun at the beach and good luck on your clinic visit!

CFlover said...

YAY!! Welcome back to blog world!!!!

Sorry our weather was crappy!!
Cant wait to hear all about the fun!!


Alicia said...

I am so happy for you! You sound so joyous and energized!

RunSickboyRun.com said...

Glad to hear everything went well! Yay for Great Strides and raising money!!!!


Aspiemom said...

Welcome back! I'm glad your vertigo is better and hope you have a good clinic visit.

Anonymous said...

Hope your busy week goes well.Glad you're feeling better.