Friday, May 29, 2009

Hospital-Day 3

Well, not much is going on. I'm still off-unit, but should be moving today or tomorrow (hopefully). I am feeling some better compared to Wednesday. I still haven't slept much or felt like eating, but hoping those things will change quickly. My nurse practitioner told me she would give me anything I wanted to help me sleep. So we'll see.

I'm still taking the IV phenegren some for my nausea. I'm taking Lortabs for back and chest pain. I'm getting IV benadryl with my Vanco and actually getting a 2nd dose of benadryl because of it making me itch. So I've had some pretty potent drugs in my system.

The official diagnosis (or what they are telling me) is broncho-pneumonia. I'm still waiting for culture results to come back to see what is growing and what antibiotics i'm sensitive to. My creatnine is still high @ 1.4. They did not do continuous fluids, so I'm trying to drink lots of fluids. As far as I know, everything else is ok.

Dr.Y has been pretty good (although I would still rather deal with someone else). Brandi's dad brought me her extra Mac Computer last night....which I am SO VERY THANKFUL for!

That's about it. Just the usual stuff. No word on when I will go home. I'm guessing I will be here at least 7 days and finish up abx at home, but who knows? I think they are planning on discharging me on inhaled TOBI.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will update again soon!! Please continue to pray for a room to open up on the transplant floor and for a speedy recovery! Thanks!


Kori said...

Let me know if I can do or get anything for you. Or if you would like some lunch from somewhere I can go pick it up for us one day. Just let me know. Love ya and take care. said...

Why in the world won't they do continuous fluids with a 1.4!!??? Makes no sense to me. Tell them I said to do it!



Anonymous said...

Hope you sleep well tonight!

Katelyn said...

You are going to get out of there so fast. I thinking about you and praying that you don't lose your mind. :)