Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hospital-Day 5: Bored and Fed Up

Well, I've been here 5 days so far! No word on when I'm going home. My guess is still Wednesday, which would be 7 days. I still have not moved to the transplant floor, and are getting really frustrated with some of the nursing care given on this unit. I have had some nurses miss giving a couple of doses of my IV antibiotics, but documenting that they did. I've been paying attention 100% and actually writing down when i get meds and the next time they are due. Recently, there have been some issues with a nurse not giving an antibiotic when it's due or giving it WAY later than it is due, which I just don't understand???? There have also been some common sense things that the nurses are doing or have done wrong (that I've had to correct). I just don't understand. But I know I'm right, because I'm watching what's going on 24/7 (even during the night). I spoke to my doctor yesterday and he said he would talk to the nurse manager on the unit on Monday. However, another mistake by the same nurse was made last night, so there will be more discussing with my doctor when he rounds.

Other than the nursing issues, I am feeling better. I'm still pretty tired, but most of the other symptoms are gone. My O2 sats have been running around 92/93 the last 2 or 3 days which is a little bit concerning to me. I always run around 99 or 100 even when I'm sick. I never drop. So I need to address that issue with my doctor this afternoon as well.

Brandi's aunt brought up Chinese food last night for dinner, which was nice! Hopefully my parents will bring me something good to eat for tonight. Brandi and I did go outside a little bit yesterday to get some fresh air, which was nice. It felt really good! I'm taking advantage of being able to go anywhere I want to in the hospital while on this unit. Because once I'm moved (or if I ever move) to HTICU, we are locked in to the unit and can't go anywhere!

Well....that's about it right now! I'll update again soon!! Please continue to pray for a room to open up on HTICU...the nursing care on this unit is really driving me crazy and I shouldn't have to watch them 24/7!!!


Aspiemom said...

Katey, that sounds like my experience when I was in Johns Hopkins. The drs. there are wonderful, but the nurses when in the hospital are terrible. I always had to be asking for my IV abx or anything I needed. They'd let the alarm on the IV to go for an hour or two at night so i couldn't sleep.

I'm sorry you're going through this. That's good that you are documenting things.

Hope you either get moved or get out soon!