Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Hospital Update

I'm feeling much better today....yay!!! I slept ok, but have been ok since about 6am this morning. I think the steroids are helping!!! I really don't have anything new to report. My O2 sats are still running low...around 92! I have gotten up and walked a little bit and even went off unit for a little while with Brandi! My HCT only went up to 28....BLAH!! I was hoping to see 38.....that's usually what it is (and what it should be) after receiving a unit of blood. I'm still getting cough medicine throughout the day (even though I don't think I need it anymore...but not going to complain). I was hoping (after a conversation with the NP this morning) that I might be able to escape this place tomorrow. However, after seeing the doctor, he wants to continue everything for a few more days....BLAH!! I really want to go home, and I really wanted to try and still teach VBS next week. But I guess that is a no-go. Maybe I can start on Tuesday?? If I get out on Saturday or Sunday, I would still do it. But the thing is, I need to notify the preschool director so she can plan without me. I hope she's not too upset. So hopefully things will continue going in the right direction!! Please pray for my O2 sats to get better....that may be why I am still getting headaches!

I got lunch today from Newks. One of my favorite nurses and friends went and got it to me! I have a great nurse today too!!! I had a visitor come up this morning and bring me a big bag of candy and snacks! My singles minister also came up yesterday and we had a good chat. He just started, so it was great to formally meet him!! I think our CFF director is coming up later today...which will be nice. And my mom will be up later tonight with dinner! I'm craving a McDonald's hoping she will bring me one too :) And I think maybe I will have a visitor tomorrow. This is the longest I've ever had to stay in the hospital since the year I really didn't expect this and REALLY WANT TO Get well and STAY well so I can enjoy my summer and get some things done!!!

I'm trying to do some work on my cruise reservations while I'm here. I'm waiting for my passport to arrive. My cruise is in about 2 months....and I can't wait...just have to stay well!!!

Thanks for the continued prayers. I am reading everyone's blogs, but haven't felt up to commenting on all of don't think I'm ignoring you....just still recovering from pneumonia!!!

Back to finishing my lunch (late lunch)!! As always, I'll update again soon!!


Katelyn said...

I don't know what to say, except that I know you want to go home and I thing and pray for you! You'll get those discharge papers soon enough, my friend! said...

You SOUND better in this blog, and I don't know how that's possible, but I hear you loud and clear! I hope you get out soon.

What snacks and candy did you get? I always have a huge sweet tooth in the hospital.