Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Update

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!! I've expected to be home by today!!

As an update to last night's coughing spell post, it continued to get increasingly worse. I had the following to help stop the cough and relieve the pain: Four 7.5 Lortabs, Robitussin with Codeine (3 times), 1 mg of Morphine, another potent cough medicine, albuterol aerosol and finally a type of Epinephrine through a nebulizer. Unfortunately, none of the remedies helped. I started getting SO exhausted! I ended up seeing the on-call resident as well. He really couldn't do anything else. He called Dr. Y at home (my doctor) and he didn't have any suggestions either. They did do a chest xray, and it looked fine. I finally fell asleep around 2:00am last night. I feel crappy today and exhausted. I had a chest ct scan this morning. And have been sleeping on and off.

As we speak, I am getting a unit of blood to boost my HCT up. It was still 20 this morning. So hopefully this will make me feel better. My potassium was low as well, so I was giving extra potassium too. I have not see the doctor yet. My estimate date of going home is still Friday.

I'm going back to resting now. I;ll update again soon.

Update 4:45 pm: I saw my doctor shortly after lunchtime today. My chest CT showed some inflammation of the airways of the lungs. So they are going to give me some solumedrol (high dose of steroids) for a few days. They are also going to do some tests to make sure my anemia is not coming from anywhere. I'm done getting my blood. I'm exhausted, and have literally been sleeping off and on all day. Because of this set back last night, I'm not sure when I'm going home????????


Anonymous said...

Any chance the coughing fit could be vocal cord dysfunction? It often seems a lot like a coughing fit or asthma and is often mistaken for it and it does not respond to asthma or other cough medicines typically. said...

Dang it! I was hopeful that they'd be springing you out of there. Well it's better to be getting better than getting sick!