Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Morning Update

I just saw my nurse practitioner. Haven't seen the doctor yet, but thought I would go ahead and write an update!

Everything is stable. My O2 SATS are still low, but they feel they will get better once I get over the pneumonia. I still don't like them being low though. I also feel a little more short of breath today! Evidently, my hematocrit is really low: 20.....I was 30 at clinic last week....so not sure about that. I always run in the lower range, but don't think i've seen it that low in a LONG LONG time. She said if it got any lower, then they probably would give me blood, but they are going to watch it. I didn't have an xray today, but the NP did confirm that I did have pneumonia, and as of yesterday, the xray was not clear yet. I'm sounding pretty clear, but still have diminished sounds at the base of my lungs (which is the common spot of my pneumonia). She said Dr. Y wants me to definitely at least complete 10 days of IV abx. Today is day 7. So whether I do that here or at home, i'm not sure. In reality if I just have to do 10 days of abx, then i would rather just stay here until Friday instead of fooling with everything at home. I am teaching Vacation Bible School next week (1 year olds), so i need to be home by Friday so I can have a couple of days of rest. So I guess I will see what the doctor says when he rounds this afternoon. So....my SATs and HCT need get better. I'll update if there is new news when the doctor rounds later today!


Jane said...

VBS ... how much fun!

Cindy said...

Praying you are able to recover and rest before VBS. I always LOVED VBS growing up!

Katelyn said...

I may have CF, but I have no clue what hematocrit is. Could you fill me in?

You're so close to going home!