Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A couple of people have asked what your hematocrit (aka: hct) is: It's the measure of blood in your body! It is also linked the amount of iron in your body as well. Average for a female is around 36-40. When your hct is low, you are usually really tired and have little energy. Average for a male is a little higher. In the majority of transplant (post-tx that is), our hematocrit runs low...usually upper 20s, lower 30s (for females). I never had any issues with mine until after my transplant. Usually, if it is 23 or below, the doctor gives me blood. But that differs between doctors. If it drops any lower, than they probably will do that. We'll just have to wait and see. You can google or do some kind of search to learn more about your hematocrit. I'm not very good at explaining it. But that is a brief overview. Sometimes medicines and IV antibiotics can decrease the level too.

I had a bad coughing spell (and still do) this afternoon. I've had cough medicine (with codeine) two Lortabs and a dose of phenegren.....and the stupid cough is still there. I guess it is from moving around/walking, etc. Hopefully it will go away soon!!!


Jane said...

Tessonex Tessonex (how do you spell it) Tessonex! That always helps our coughs. Hope they figure out something to get you some relief. My sister is telling me to say at least you're getting an awesome ab workout! :)

RunSickboyRun.com said...

Thanks for the explanation! I actually had to go look it up!


Katelyn said...

Thanks for the explanation; I was completely lost until you fill me in. :)