Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Lungs!/Blog layout

Update: 10:51 pm: Right lung is in and working; they are working on the left lung now!

Update: 2:26am (Wed): Out of surgery and doing great!!

One of my CF friends who has been waiting for a double lung transplant just went back to surgery around 6pm! He got that wonderful call! I just got home and his status was updated with the news on facebook! I know he had 2 false calls about a month ago! This time it's the real thing (at least i think since I haven't heard anything). He had been pretty sick, so this is awesome! And I'm pretty sure he was in the hospital right now for his CF anyway. He should be getting out of surgery around 11pm or so if the surgery went smoothly and they actually started at 6:00. Please keep Tony and his family in your prayers! He is married and has a son!

I actually had to go pick up some stuff from my coordinator today, and while I was there two of the coordinators (including mine) had been working up 2 transplants for the last couple of hours. I had no idea one of them was this guy (Tony). Believe it or not, our transplant center in AL (which is really the only lung one in the south) has not done any double lung transplants this year...so it's about time. I think the other transplant was someone from Children's Hospital, which usually means it is a CF patient as well. I'm not sure if there were really 2 transplants or they were just referring to two people being called in for the same set; not completely sure yet. I will text some of my HTICU friends tomorrow to see if I can get an update!

Evidently, with regards to my blog background, some of you can see the stripes, and some can't. Not sure why that is! Oh well! Thank you all for your comments! The lady that did the template for my blog said she could increase my sidebar column widths if I wanted to, but I would have to re-install a new html code, which means I would have to re-install all of my applications/gadgets AGAIN! So I decided against that for now. Hopefully everyone is ok with the current widths and can read everything pretty good!

Remember to keep Tony and his family in your prayers over the next several days! Thanks! I will post updates when I know something!


Dan said...

Katey, I'm glad you've had a good day with the blog and all! Thank you by the way for making sure I'm in your blog roll. I appreciate that! I'm also glad, and grateful, that your friend is getting new lungs. I keep living in denial that someday Samantha will need them too, but I'll get it through my head someday.

As for your blog, I loaded it in both Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). I got a clean load with Firefox and stripes with IE. They went away quickly, but it does seem to be some kind of way that the browser loads the page and probably affects both since your friend said it was in Firefox and IE. I don't know the html well enough (and don't have access to yours anyway) to know if it's from an old blog layout you used to have or if the person who designed your new one built it off of an old one. It would make sense that maybe some old code is sitting in there somewhere that loads under certain circumstances.

Ok, that was way too technical and really long. I am sorry about that. Have a good night!

SWelch said...

How awesome!! Love to hear great transplant news!!! Your profile looks great! I can read everything just great!