Friday, August 14, 2009

Anonymous Comment...Seriously???

So when i returned home from my trip, i was checking the many emails I had, and came across this email, from which a comment was received on my blog from this post! It made me too mad, not to comment on it!
Anonymous said...
Not to be a downer, but is it really a good idea to become a nurse? The reason I ask is that it only takes one bug to get into your new lungs and destroy the gift that God gave you. No offense, but I personally think that is irresponsible. What would the donor's family think if something like that happened? I don't think they'd be too pleased.
I have CF and waiting for my double lung transplant and I'd never put myself at risk like that. That is why when we are in the hospital they want us out ASAP so we don't pick up anymore bugs. Being a nurse would expose you daily to bacteria, viral infections and so on. Not a good idea.

Because it was from an anonymous person, I can't respond to them specifically! However, in case this anonymous person reads my blog on a daily basis or whenever I post new material, I want to respond to you! And I want to let my readers know why I disagree and actually feel offended and upset by this post!

First off, in response to "what would the donor's family think?" Well, the other donor's family is my mother and a family best friend! And my parents have always taught me to go for my dreams and goals in life and not let anything stop them. And the family friend who donated the 2nd lung/lobe would be all for this decision as well! They are all 100% supportive in this decision! And while catching a bug or bacteria is not in my "plans," my "donors" or friends/family are not going to be offended or displeased if something like that did happen! Unfortunately, I've had my share of lung infections since transplant without even being a nurse or working in a healthcare environment! And believe it or not, my entire transplant team of doctors, nurses, etc., all support me in this decision too!

Secondly, I don't think it is irresponsible! There are several of you bloggers out there that are CFers AND nurses! I also know 2 friends locally who have CF and have had a transplant and are currently practicing nursing in a hospital. I do realize that there are some risks associated with becoming a nurse, but nothing that I do is going to endanger anyone else! This is my dream job/career that I've wanted since I was 3 years old! I will take the necessary precautions to keep me as healthy as possible! But it IS POSSIBLE to be a nurse and work in areas that put you in less risk of catching certain bugs or bacteria!

Thirdly, I believe with all my heart God BLESSED me with CF and with my transplant! It truly was a miracle performed by HIM! And there is no possible way that I would have survived being so sick and through the actual procedure and recovery if it wasn't for my Lord and Savior! He is truly the one that gets all the credit! And never in a million years would I view it as destroying the gift that God gave me! Seriously....that comment right there ticks me off so bad.....i'm screaming inside right now! You...."anonymous commenter" say: "not to be a downer, and no offense," Well, i take major offense by some of these comments, and yes, you are being a downer! (Just FYI)!

I know very well why CFers go in the hospital! Obviously, I've been there, done that! While I'm sorry you feel this way, and I'm sorry you are sick enough to be on the transplant list, I think you are looking at this from the wrong point of view! I know there are people who disagree with me wanting to become a nurse! That's fine! Express your opinions, but keep these rude and offensive comments to yourself! God gave me this beautiful gift (beautiful new lungs), so I can continue with my life and pursue my dreams!!!! And this is what I want to do! There is a small risk associated with it, but I'm willing to take it! I'm not going to sit around and not even at least try or attempt to accomplish my goals and dreams! I think nursing will be an awesome career for me and I will be awesome at it! I love the field and truly want to make a difference in other's lives! I will never put anyone else at risk! And if I do catch some sort of bacteria, etc., it can be handled/treated, and we will cross that bridge when and if it ever gets there!

So...sorry if I offended you by my reply to your comment! But it really offended me...especially bringing the donors (who are family members) and God into the "picture", it was seriously unacceptable and extremely rude! However, I've discarded and deleted your comment and email, and hope the best for you in your upcoming and hopefully soon transplant! May God Bless you through your transplant journey as well!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! What the point of getting new lungs to live life if you aren't going to LIVE LIFE?!?!?!?!?! I say GO GIRL! Live your life! We (cfer's) take risks everyday we decide to go outside and be around people...atleast if we are going to do it we should help someone right??? (FYI I used to want to be a CF doctor!!!)

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

When you're given the gift of life through new lungs they're not given to you with stipulations. If you want to be a nurse, be a nurse. You weren't given a second chance to live in a bubble, you were given a second chance to live your life FIRST.

Plus, you'll be the most empathetic nurse in the world, we need more of you around :)


casey jones said...

I can't even begin to express how I feel about that comment.

God has blessed us (cfers) so much in our lives with gifts talent and abilities, WHY WOULD WE HIDE THEM AND PUSH THEM AWAY???

You've had a transplan, a new set of lungs, a fresh start, SO START! I DONT THINK WE SHOULD EVER PUT A LIMIT ON WHAT WE CAN DO, CF, OR NO CF.

God gives us gifts that we have to WORK to use them, if we put limitations on the gifts God has given us....We will BLOCK ourselves from where God wants us!!

I say go out and LIVE your DREAMS!!! And praise GOD for your lungs, like your already doing!

I love your blog! And I'm sorry that someone left that rude comment...and whoever did it I hope when they get their transplant(hopefully soon) that they don't limit themselves to what they can do, because with an attitude like that, you dont have CF, CF has you.

Cara said...

EWWWWW!! What a sad, sad person! I can't believe they left YOU that nasty comment, since you are the nicest person ever!

I am so proud of you, Katey! You are such a great CF advocate, a strong woman in Christ, and you are achieving your dreams! Don't let this one bitter person burst your bubble.

Anonymous said...

Life is meant to be lived...and God has given you a second chance to live... You've set goals and you should go for it! It's obvious that you'll use common sense and take care of yourself and I think you'll be a fantastic wonderful nurse!!!

Aspiemom said...

I think there are germs everywhere and being a nurse wouldn't be unreasonable. I, too, know of quite a few CFers who are nurses.

I think you will make a very empathetic nurse, Katey, because of all you've gone through and still go through!

Lucy's mom said...

Follow your dreams and what a great dream it is to be able to go into nursing and help people EVERYDAY!
I hope to instill in Lucy the confidence and wanting to do AND be anything she can imagine for herself! NO MATTER WHAT I MAY BE! I too have always wanted to go into nursing and I wish you luck in everything you do!

~Kacie AKA Lucy's mom

Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

You get 'em!! Don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams!!! T

Lovin Lane said...

One thing I have learned, (even though I am speaking from a perspective that is really new at this) is as soon as I think I am at a point where what someone says wont offend me, I am tested.... Sorry you received this e-mail it was distasteful and out of line. But honestly the person who wrote that already new that, hence Anonymous... You never know how someone elses shoes feel, until you are in them... I will never truely know the struggles of a CFer, I do know the heart ache of being the mom of a CFer.. When Anonymous receives new lungs, I am sure they would hate to be judged daily as to what they used them for, example sending not so nice e-mail cannot possible be good for ones health... Chin up...

Somer Love said...

I think you couldn't of said it better! YOU can't just sit around and not pursue your dreams and goals. i think that would be a waste of your precious gift. Live life Be a nurse and do whatever makes you happy! Xo