Monday, August 24, 2009

CF Shirts For Sell

I have several t-shirts left over from my 2008 CF Great Strides Team! I really have no use for them, and they have just been hanging in my closet! So I thought I would try and sell them, in which 100% of the proceeds will go towards my 2009 CF Great Strides Miracles Team!

I have 4 SMALLS available for sell. I have included pictures of the shirts below. (I apologize for the wrinkles in the shirts). They are Gildan brand t-shirts, 100% cotton, and in a BEAUTIFUL Indigo Blue Color! I do realize there is a picture on the back, so let me give a brief explanation. Obviously, the middle person is me. The picture was actually taken in December of 2006...not my favorite picture :) The other two people (Adam on the right and Amy on the left), are CFers who have also had double lung transplants. They are really good friends of mine; we are all the same age and were a big support system for each other as we went through our transplants. We all 3 had our transplants within a year of each other, with me being the last. Adam had his transplant on Christmas Day of 2003! All 3 of us love our Lord and Savior and are walking testimonies to His wonderful and powerful Grace!!

Also, the design on the front as well as part of the back graphics were designed by my friend Shaun, who passed away this year. So this is very special to me!

And of course my favorite quote is on the back of the shirts! If you are interested in purchasing one, please leave a comment or send me an email. The shirts are $10!



SWelch said...

What company made these for you? Did they charge or donate? I was just wondering.

Cara said...

Count me in for one shirt, cyster! I think I still have your address, but can you email it to me just in case?

Tiffany Meadors said...

I definately would like a shirt! Just let me know the cost!