Monday, August 24, 2009

"Professional" Cruise Pics

Here a a few of the pictures the "cruise line photo people" took of us! They take TONS and TONS of pictures, then display them in one of the areas on the ship. You can buy the photos, or recycle them. I did decide to buy a couple....but most of the time, my snap shots turned out just as good! I did buy one 8x10 picture from formal night..but it is a little difficult to scan!!! I also bought a cute frame for the 8x10 picture in the photo gallery, which had the name of our ship and a few other cute phrases on it!

They took this one in the cruise terminal before boarding the ship...BON VOYAGE!

Progresso! As soon as you got off the ship, they would have the staff take pictures as you were exiting off the ramp onto the pier. You basically smiled, said "cheese" within a matter of 5 seconds, and off to the next person! So....each day I didn't have my sunglasses out yet, so that is why I'm squinting...but i don't think it's too bad.....I think we both look cute with the pirate lady :) I'm going to try and find a frame for this one! I think the other 2 (one above and one below) will be put in my scrapbook!

And Cozumel! The color of our shirts just happened to match the border design/colors they were using!