Thursday, September 3, 2009

CFF Statement on Health Care Reform

The CF Foundation has just released a statement on the Health Care Reform Bill! I highly recommend reading it!
CFF Statement on Health Care Reform - CF Foundation

Because the health care debate is still evolving, the Foundation has not yet taken a position on any particular health care reform bill. However, the plans being discussed contain many of the provisions the Foundation supports. I, personally, support the fact that CF patients should have access to the care they need! And I know for some, getting coverage or access to that care can be challenging. Medical costs for people with cystic fibrosis are 9 to 13 times higher than for the average health care consumer

What I don't support is "giving" care to those CFers (or really any people, for that matter) who are able to work and able to get insurance coverage through their job or some other resource. It frustrates me when those CFers become lazy and don't work because they don't want to and know they can get Medicare or Medicaid coverage... that is not acceptable in my opinion. If you are healthy enough to work, get off your behind, and work! There are many of us who struggle working, when in reality, we really shouldn't be because of our health.

There are also many other resources out there that can help you pay for healthcare coverage, and quite frankly, a lot of people don't take advantage of those resources.

I keep hearing over and over that a socialized healthcare system will be beneficial to CFers as well as other people with chronic health conditions. But I can't help wonder if that really is the case. Will I be able to get the care I need? Will I be able to get the care needed immediately? When I get pneumonia, I can't just wait another week for treatment, I have to get treated right then, or else it could become fatal. And that's the case for many other situations. I'll be honest, this new idea of public healthcare scares me somewhat.

I like what Brandi said, regarding this article: If the government is going to offer healthcare to the masses, how do we pay for it? Taxes? Taxes suck, but I can deal with it. Managed care? Managed care sucks more, but again, I'd survive. LESS care? NO WAY, NO HOW.

Like many others, I've been blessed with great healthcare coverage. And I don't want to lose it. Yes, I am still on my parent's insurance, but as soon as I graduate (for the 2nd time), i plan on getting a job in which I'm able to obtain good, quality, healthcare coverage. I WILL WORK HARD for my coverage!


Sarah said...

At this point I just want SOMETHING. I'm out of coverage in December (maybe Feburary, if I'm lucky) and my projected recovery time will be until January, at least. I can pay for coverage if they'd allow me to apply for my own policy. Instead I have to pay 3x as much for coverage with an expiration date. I think employers should be required to provide insurance BUT there needs to be an insurance option that isn't connected to employment...that isn't Title 19.