Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Cruise Pics-Dinner Time

I just now realized that I hadn't finished posting pictures from my cruise! I posted all of them on facebook...but forgot about the blog! SORRY! Here are some pictures from dinner/night time!

Our dining room (Tuesday night)

Our head waiter and assistant waiter! They really put on a show each night! As our cruise director told us, they are NOT just "waiters", they are entertainers as well! Each assistant waiter is training to be a head waiter!

with our assistant waiter
(i know..my face looks funny...not sure what happened)

Our Matre 'd of our dining room!

Our dinner table group!

Monday Night! (i think my eyes look a little sleepy)

Formal night-Sunday!

Captain's Dinner (formal night)---cocktail party right before dinner. And whatever drink I had (i think it might have been a hurricane...not sure....but it was really good (and not very alcoholic)


Anonymous said...

Hi Katey, You don't know me. I follow Emily Mulkeys blog and found your blog from there. I see all your sweet posts to her. I was wondering if you know how she is doing. There have been no updates since Sat which worries us. Thanks for any info. PS Love your cruise pics. Looks like someone had a good time!
Rene M

CFMama said...

Hi just stumbled across your blog. My son has CF too. Looks like you had a fabulous time on your cruise!