Monday, August 31, 2009

Music Monday-You're Not Shaken by Phil Stacey

This week's song is by Phil Stacey (from American Idol): You're Not Shaken!

Have you been having a rough time lately? Are you questioning God why certain events have taken place? Remember that God is not shaken, and he will never let his people shake! You may not understand, but just TRUST HIS plan he has for you! What you are going through now, is part of that plan! God has never left don't let go of HIM now!

(On a side note: I chose this song last week (I think on Tuesday), and scheduled this post. As I was posting this, I was thinking that this song really didn't apply to me personally right now. I was mainly posting it for other people. But after this past week's event, especially losing loved ones, it does apply. It's amazing how God works...he knew what was to come!) I hope you enjoy this week's song!