Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clinic Report

So...LONG MORNING at transplant clinic. My doctor decided to extend the IV antibiotics another week. I had a CT Scan appointment this afternoon at 3:00 to make sure everything was ok, and to follow up with the inflammation from back in June. However, I ran home to grab a bite to eat, and rest for about 30 minutes. I felt horrible, nauseated and had a low grade fever. I couldn't' get up to get back down to the CT scan. So therefore, I missed it. There was just no way I could be down there for another 1-2 hrs (depending on when they took me back), then back at class, with my exam. I didn't leave clinic (or rather didn't get home until about 1:30pm. My coordinator said she would try to reschedule it for tomorrow.

I am also having a bronchoscopy next Monday (or sometime in the next week or so). My PFT's were down a good bit. My FEV1 was 33% (down from 39%); my FVC was 35% (down from 41%); FEF25%-75% (which our transplant team looks at, was 0.66 or 20% (down from 0.88/26%....not good). My lab work was ok for the most part. I still have a really low WBC count, but it has come up a little bit. My magnesium level was 1.4, so I really need to get that up. If it drops anymore or doesn't go back up, then I will have to get IV magnesium. My chest xray was unchanged from my last appointment. My 02 sats were only 92%, which I meant to ask about, but forgot. So all in all, definitely a not-good feeling kind of day.

My doctor still isn't sure exactly what is going on (causing the fevers, sob, cough, etc.). My previous cultures showed sensitivity to the antibiotics I'm on, so there is really no point in changing them. Hopefully the bronch and ct scan will provide some insight.

On the up side, last night my uncle ended up talking with the doctor who is handling my grandfather's case (he just happened to be there when the doctor came in). He knew the situation, and told my uncle that "we" were definitely not dealing with an end-life thing here, and there is no-way that he (the doctor) would let that decision be made under his care (meaning he will not discontinue the antibiotics). My grandfather has been doing good today, even managed to do some rehab. But I know there have been some major issues with my step-grandmother (according to my Mom)today as well. I will know more later!

My Anatomy Lab practical exam was HARD!! And coupled with feeling crappy, including a head that felt like it was going to explode, it didn't go as good as I wanted. I didn't fail it per se, but wanted to make an "A." It was pretty tough, but hoping I pulled out of it with a "B". We'll see! Now I have to study for my anatomy lecture exam on Monday...UGH! I missed/skipped tonight's lecture class (which is right before lab class). I hope that is not going to hurt me upon taking the exam next week.


Brandi said...

Good luck on your practical tonight! You are one smart chick and I'm sure you'll do good even if you are sick, tired, stressed out, or all of the above. Take a deep breath (as much as you can) and relax for a little while before you start the test.

Jess said...

I'm sorry you still aren't feeling well :( Hoping those antibiotics kick in and make you feel better soon! Good luck tonight! Sending lots of "aces the exam" vibes your way :)

Julie said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. I hope that changes soon and you get through all your exams.

I'm glad things are looking better for your grandfather. I had a similar situation when my grandfather's girlfriend tried to go against our family's wishes when he was ill.

I'll be thinking and praying for all of you.