Monday, October 26, 2009

Make-Up Monday

I have to say that I hate going for a whole week or weeks at a time and not blogging. Totally not my thing!! But life has just been so crazy lately i really have not had time to blog! Sorry!! I Hope I don't lose any loyal followers!!!

So hence the title, I will try, with this post, make-up for not blogging this past week, with yet another week wrap-up/update, etc.

Basically my life and schedule right now has NO/ZERO free time! Work is crazy, school is even crazier! This upcoming anatomy test is driving me to the brink of insanity...stayed up ALL night the past two nights studying, hence no sleep. The test is Wednesday and I will be dancing on cloud nine once it is over (of course there will be a lab practical the next week, so not too much dancing)! And despite all the studying, I still don't feel like I'm prepared enough.

Last Friday my body decided to get sick...UGH! But after lots of prayers (maybe?), on Saturday I was fever-free and feeling better. I'm exhausted and still don't feel great, but trying to hold out until Wednesday after my GI Tests. It seems I can't "get anywhere" until these tests are completed!

I babysat Sunday afternoon (something i had committed to weeks ago and couldn't cancel) and ended up cooking Mac N cheese on a gas stove! (I don't cook EVER, had never cooked Mac N Cheese before, let alone used a gas stove). Needless to say, when the couple returned home, they smelled gas and called the Fire Department. Perfect ending to my night :) (kinda funny though too)

Last Friday I was supposed to speak and present at an Axcan Pharma event! Unfortunately, my body got pretty sick and I had to cancel. I was so excited and really bummed for missing it! I was presenting for about 30 minutes in a big crowd, which I hadn't really done that amount of time speaking before! Oh well, they said they would call me again next time!

Tomorrow: Tuesday: work; New Haircut
Wed: work; GI Tests, Dr's appt, Anatomy Lecture test, Anatomy lab class
Thursday: work; bible study
Friday: work; Auburn music concert for my cousin
This weekend: STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope I can post this week! I will def post after my GI tests and appointments. But don't expect a lot this week! Sorry! Despite that, however, I am reading every one's blogs and trying to comment where needed! And I'm praying for all of you struggling right now, especially with your health! Love to you all!


Sarah said...

I eas wondering when you'd post again. I was thinking about you hoping you weren't sick so maybe that "prayer" helped.