Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

WARNING: LONG POST! I know I haven't blogged much this week...sorry! I wanted to write a brief update on my health and other stuff, since I really haven't talked about that in the last few weeks! I have been swamped with studying, work and other stuff!!

(oh and before i begin, for those of you that commented on facebook about my bad week of charlie horses; the potassium tab spasms last night!)

Until this past week, I had actually been feeling really good. This was definitely a blessing, as it was the best I had felt in a long while! However, since LAST Sunday, I haven't felt too good, but was hoping it was just a bad few days. After talking with my tx coordinator on Tuesday, she was concerned and told me to call her back on Wed. Well, Wed and Thursday I felt better, so I opted not to call back and see how this weekend went. Well, needless to say, I currently feel like I've been run-over by an 18-wheeler truck and in the midst of a spinning tornado! No, it's not the flu and I don't think its anything as serious as pneumonia, but I really don't know! I've been having extreme issues with my body shaking!! And I mean REALLY bad. It's been worse ever since my steroid burst back in June. But over the last month it has been insane and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions or thoughts? I had my prograf levels checked about a month ago, and they were fine..even low. And I haven't been able to make my team of doctors figure this out. But now I'm to the point where i have to. The other day when I was in the gas station getting a snack for class, the register guy and I exchanged the normal "hello, how are you." Then as I'm getting money out of my wallet, he asks me several times if I'm ok? Very embarrassing!

Anyways, in addition to the shaking, I'm having severe rib/chest pain (achy and sharp) and are not sure what it is related to either. My back has decided to start spassing up again, which when this all happens together, it makes me extremely sob!

I FINALLY had an appointment with my GI doc last week. I am scheduled for a few tests October 28th to hopefully find out the origin and reason of the fluid hanging out around my liver. He doesn't think it is anything serious, but really doesn't know. Depending on the results of the tests, we may do some tests on my heart, to make sure it isn't coming from there!

In other NON-HEALTH-RELATED anatomy class is kicking me in the butt!!! I am in grave danger of passing the course and feel so overwhelmed with it right now. Some of you may think no big deal. But I've always been a great student...very high GPA, top of the class, etc., I've never had this much trouble with a class. I'm looking into some additional resources and are praying every day that i can just "pass" the class; although I'd prefer a much better grade (but unfortunately can't make that happen now). So I could really use some prayers for this. I can't drop the class; i have to have it!!!

We had a memorial service for my grandfather last Monday! It was really nice and a lot of his friends and family got up to share some wonderful memories, including myself! I miss him but know he is in heaven re-uniting with his loved ones!!! And as someone mentioned recently, he is probably playing his violin in Heaven's orchestra!!

I have not been able to make it to church/Sunday school in several months, and this really breaks my heart and frustrates me more than ever. I want to be there and I need to be there. But sometimes my body has other plans! I miss being in God's presence on Sunday mornings, worshiping with others! Every Saturday night i say to myself that I am going to get up no-matter what and go to church, but then Sunday morning rolls around and my body just can't do it. And then later in the day, I think to myself, why didn't i just push a little harder??

Sorry for the long post!! The blogging this week may be short, as I'm really trying to study for an upcoming test the following week! I'm hoping for some health answers as well and will definitely keep you updated when I know something!! We have had 2 people recently get transplanted and they are doing awesome!!!

I hope everyone has a great week! I am reading your blogs and trying to comment when able! I still have several things to share with you, which hopefully will be soon!!I am praying for all of you!!! Oh yea...ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!


Katelyn said...

I can't imagine how frustrating it is when you so want to go to church but your body just won't let you. Stay strong Katy and keep the evil one at bay [you know he has something to do with it] because he is a sneaky bugger.

I'll be praying that this Sunday you can make it to church so that you can be in communion with God in His house.

Much love to you.

Jane said...

How are your insulin levels? Lo's were 1000+ off and on before she ended up at the resort for a few days ... they switched her long acting insulin ... and POOF! Better.

PS: I'm not allowed or authorized or educated enough to provide any medical advice. Anything I say is hogwash and I have no idea what I am talking about. Apparently, however, I already have some form and malpractice insurance and can already be sued. So ... there's my little disclaimer forever and for always! :)

Hopefully you're laughing ...

Misha said...

I myself haven't made it to church in the last couple of months. I guess maybe I'm lazy, but I'm just so darn sleepy.

Anyway have an amazing week. I'll be praying for you :)

Take Care and God Bless :)

Afton said...

I am right there with you :) I took Anatomy and did ok, then in Anatomy 2... the teacher said Aspergillus (or however you spell it) grows on the cats we were dissecting, and I could wear a mask, but it won't fully protect me... I dropped that class, then tried to take it again this semester and the fumes made me sick :( It is sad when you really want/ need something and your body has an agenda of its own. I love church as well, but when I feel something bad abrewing in my lungs, during the week I like to watch Joyce Meyer, she makes me laugh, and I feel like God knows I am trying:)

Sarah said...

Feel better! You know I know how you feel right now, in my own right, and it just sucks, what else is there to say?
Oh, foot update coming on the blog, at least I think, if not email me because it means I forgot. Stupid meds.