Saturday, November 14, 2009

Digitize your CF routine!

This Treatment Tracker tool from can help you organize and track your treatment information right on your computer! You can track and organize medications, airway clearance methods, nutrition information, and much more. It was designed especially for CF patients only. I received an email about this and I thought I would check it out. Although I really don't need it for myself, I thought it might be beneficial to some of you other CFers out there, and maybe even parents or caregivers. I highly recommend checking out. It's probably more for those CFers who don't adhere to routines very well or have a hard time keeping track of when to do what, when to take what, etc., as well as for parents of CF kids. Maybe for those parents who are having a difficult time getting their child to adhere to doing their vest or taking certain medications, there is an option where you can check off each time you complete an activity. Click here to check this tool out and to view a demo. You do have to register on the website, but it's free. Novartis Pharmaceuticals sponsors and is highly involved in the CF community.

Track treatments by type
From diet to medications, enzymes to exercise, you can enter all types of treatments.

See each treatment's details
View your treatment details like type, amount, time of day, frequency, and more.

Monitor your adherence
Track your progress. Green checkmarks show the treatments you've completed. Missed treatments are highlighted to help identify possible areas for improvement in your schedule.

Print for your reference
Save your treatment schedule as a PDF to print for your next doctor's appointment or visit to your CF center.


Jess said...

Great tool Katey! Thanks for sharing :)

Amy said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting!! This will come in handy for me to track everything for SSDI :)

Groettum Family said...

Great tool! Thanks for sharing!