Friday, November 27, 2009

Post surgery/thanksgiving Update

Thankfully, I was able to spend some time with family on Thanksgiving Day. Dinner (or rather lunch) was held at my cousin's house and we had a full crew! The food was good and I was able to enjoy a little bit of it. It was really the 1st solid food I had had in days. The pain is getting better, but still there. It is more soreness than anything and LOTS of swelling.

I had forgotten to mention previously that I have 4 incisions than the normal 2 incisions when done laproscopically because I had some fluid in my abdomen and they decided to go ahead and drain it off during surgery. They sent a sample of the fluid off just to make sure it was ok. All of the cultures came back negative. I think having the 4 incisions contributes to the additional pain.
My mom told me that when the surgeon went in there to remove my gallbladder, it had already collapsed. A lot of use the gallbladder was providing me ;)

I have a lot of fluid in my stomach and some other not-so-comfortable places. I was a little concerned, because none of my discharge papers from the surgery team mentioned anything about fluid or swelling. So I called my transplant coordinator. I had also been running a low-grade fever. So my coordinator wanted me to go up to the transplant unit and get labs drawn. I did that, waited for the results. Most everything was fine except for a few liver function levels were high. So they put me on some lasix...FUN STUFF and I have to get labs redrawn on lovely! I'm glad I called though because it could have gotten worse. I haven't taken any lasix in 5 years since my transplant. It ought to be a fun night!!

I guess I better get to studying, as I am way behind. Finals are next week and I am on the verge of passing this anatomy class. I seriously need a MIRACLE for anatomy class right now. Not good!


Sarah said...

Good luck with finals.

If it makes you feel any better they only gave the surgery report for my right side (one guy took one leg one took the other = 2 reports). Being that the report was like 8 pages long I didn't think anything of it until I actually read the thing closer so I need to call or email someone to get the left leg report.

Jess said...

Good luck with your finals! I'm glad surgery is over and you can begin to recover. Thinking of you! :)

Jane said...

Every time I pray about anatomy, I include you in it. Rest assured, you are getting prayed for on an almost constant basis. It goes something like this ...

Dear God -

Please please please let Katey and me pass stupid stupid anatomy. You did a great job designing us and thanks for making Dr Netter such an awesome artist so that I can always have an incredible reference. You really did a smash up job! So ... now can You please please please help us get 100s! We'd both be really grateful. So would our parents.


:) I assume your parents would be grateful as well. :)