Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So today I scheduled my gallbladder surgery for November 23rd. I'm so anxious to get it over with...the pain is TOO MUCH! They aren't sure how much of the pain is related to the gallstone/gallbladder, but we won't know until it comes out. I'll be in the hospital for a little while, just because I'm post-transplant, but hopefully not too long. I may get admitted the day before as well, not sure yet. And thankfully, I will be on our transplant unit (they are supposed to reserve a bed).Hopefully this date/schedule will work out the best with my classes and work. We don't have class that Wednesday-the 25th (in which I have my anatomy lab class), so I won't have to miss any lab classes; hopefully just 1 lecture class. The following week starts final exams...lovely. I will be studying as much as possible while in the hospital (when I'm not drugged from pain meds).

The surgeon feels pretty sure she can do it laproscopically, but there is a chance she may have to convert to an open procedure due to alot of scar tissue I have and due to previous "stomach" surgeries. But I feel pretty confident it will all work out.

Apparently, I've had "gallstones" since December of last year. I had an ultrasound in December, and then again in January of this year, due to lung issues and other stomach symptoms. But everyone told me the ultrasounds were fine (including an ER doctor, transplant surgeon, GI doctor). The chief resident had the reports from those tests today, which he said showed gallstones. I was pretty ticked off about that. Not too happy. I spent a day in January in the ER throwing up bile from the gallbladder, fever, and in lots of pain. It's apparent now that it was probably a gallstone attack. Glad nobody figured that out, until now that is :)

Oh well...I just finished my inhaled TOBI and are off to bed before work tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to post more stuff this week, but I wanted to do a quick update on the surgery. Thank you to those who commented on the previous post regarding gallbladder surgery experiences.


Kory said...

Hoping everything works out with your class schedule and you get some relief soon.

Adam Tucker said...

Good luck with your surgery and hopefully the Dr. will be able to do it Laproscopically.

Aspiemom said...

I'm glad they finally have it scheduled, Katey. I hope you feel 100% after the surgery.