Friday, November 20, 2009

Surgery SOON!

My surgery (to have my gallbladder removed) is Monday. I have to be in the admissions area at 6AM...EARLY!!! But hey, I'm all about EARLY as I want this done and over with NOW. This week has definitely been a struggling week: missing work, missing classes, including my final lab class before the final exam. The pain is unbearable, with some days not even being able to stand up and walk. On those days, I'm basically sleeping, taking pain meds constantly and using heating pads constantly. So, needless to say, i am SO SO ready for the surgery. I've also lost about 6-7 pounds (not good for my little petite body). I'm taking anti-nausea meds around the clock, and food just isn't getting along that great with my stomach. I did manage to work the last 2 days...trying to get in extra hours since I will be off work all of next week.

I will update Monday-hopefully-depending on how sleepy and drugged I am :) I will be admitted to the hospital right after surgery to our transplant ICU; as far as how long I will remain admitted is unsure of right now. Definitely until Tuesday; the estimate is Wednesday. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family and get back into the normal day-to-day routines! It just all depends on how my body tolerates the surgery and recovery. Unfortunately, I have some sort of cold, and my wheezing is out of the roof...crazy and very annoying and making it hard to breathe. I'm hoping everything is just related to sinuses; but it does make me a tad bit nervous about Monday. My blood pressure has been sky-rocketing, which is unlike me. But my transplant coordinator feels it is due to the pain; (so that's my hope too). The pre-op nurse at my surgery consult appointment last week wasn't too pleased. But I assured her it was being taken care of.

Please pray that everything goes well with the surgery and recovery!!! This weekend I will be resting, running a few errands, building a lymph node for an anatomy extra credit project, and last but not least, studying for anatomy lecture and lab finals, which are the week after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Brooks Family said...

Will pray, Katey, and enjoy building your lymph node! HA! :)

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Oh Katey, I hope that all goes well for you on Monday with surgery. Praying for all to go smoothly and a quick recovery for you!!!

Kevin said...

I pray your surgery goes perfect!!

God Bless,
Kevin 33w/cf

Sarah said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Katelyn said...

Feel better!