Monday, November 23, 2009

Music Monday-Breathe

Wow! It's been a long time since I've done my Music Monday posts. I have a few lined hopefully I can continue it. I have chosen for this week the song "Breathe" the remix that includes 3 CF singers and Matt Scale, the original music artist, who recently passed away. Below you will find the trailer to the song and a little bit of the music, but I was unable to upload the entire song. So if you haven't heard this song, I highly recommend checking it out. You can do that by visiting, and clicking on "Breathe." There you can hear the original song, the remix, as well as a music video.

This song is pretty cool, very inspiring. Breathe....such a powerful word. I think sometimes, everyone just needs to take a big deep breath, and BREATHE! We all get so caught up in life, that I think some people forget to realize how precious breathing is to a lot of us, including Cystic Fibrosis Patients. We will one day breathe like "You", but until then, we struggle each and every day to breathe. And I am oh so ever grateful for my 2nd gift of life, giving me the luxury of's an awesome feeling! ENJOY! (I've posted some bio info and some of the lyrics below).

The three CFers singing in this video are:

Tess Dunn
14-year-old singer/songwriter
Cut her first album, “Darling Just Walk,” in 2009
Pianist, dancer and a self-proclaimed “CF Warrior”

Rose Harting
33-year-old singer/songwriter
Calls her ukulele “Sugar”
“Fly,” her first CD, rocks the soul

Josh Mogren
27-year-old singer and husband
Channels Bobby Darin
Sings Breathe to commemorate his late sister, and Matt

Some of the lyrics, including the chorus:
Then one day I’ll breathe
I’ll breathe, I’ll breathe
I’ll breathe like you.

Then one day I’ll breathe
I’ll breathe, I’ll breathe
I’ll breathe like you.

I see the future.
It seems so clear.
That one day I’ll breathe like you.

Then I think that I’m all right
But it keeps changin’
Like the weather.

It’s not up to me
How I feel
How I feel

I wish I could breathe
Like you, oh, breathe
I know the answer’s out there.
Won’t you help me, please?