Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Breathe Easy, Emily.

As I commented on Emily's blog a few minutes ago, I'm not even sure what to say or what to write, other than I'm in extreme shock that she is gone. Just yesterday, she was making good progress and expected to fully recover. What happened today is beyond our comprehension, and only God knows what happened. I'm thankful she is now at peace, in Heaven, with our Lord. She was such a strong Christian and God-loving person, that I know she was not afraid to walk right into the light of Heaven. But still, I am at a loss for words. Emily and I had become good friends. She was transplanted at UAB and followed by UAB as well (same place I am). We frequently talked via facebook, text messaging, and via blogging. And when she came to Birmingham for clinic visits, we tried to grab lunch together. I would visit her in the hospital when possible. She had a wonderful husband and daughter....why would God want her to leave this earth now???

(September 2008)

Please pray for Jason, her husband, and Faith, her sweet little girl (and of course for the rest of the family and friends). I'm still in shock, crying, emotional, and don't know what to do. Emily, Shaun (who passed away last year), and I were good friends and now both of them are gone. WOW! Why did such a freak thing happen like this. I can't be angry...because I know she is breathing easy, and in no pain at all. But it is still going to be tough. I think it is tougher for me to deal with when a CFer passes away that is post-transplant. Because it is from post-transplant complications and not directly CF-related per se. We get the transplant to live a normal life...not to go through all these extra complications. And it scares me too....proving that things happen quickly and suddenly, in which sometimes you have no control over. Her infections have been pseudomonas pneumonia, the same as mine....definitely a wake up call.

(Fall of 2008: Emily, Me, Shaun)

Emily...I love you and will miss you!!!! Thank you for all of your support for me and being the strong, Christian woman you are!


Aspiemom said...

I'm so sorry, Katey. I can tell that you are suffering right now and hope that memories and the knowledge of where she is will be a comfort to you.

Jane said...

I'm so sorry, Katey. I'm going to do research this summer (probably ... I got offered the job but I haven't accepted yet) on Pseudomonas and toll like receptors and maybe I'll discover something fabulous that will lead to something great that will fix this all. I'm keeping her family and yours in my prayers. :)

Good luck with phys this semester too. Let me know if you need anything!

Jess said...

Wow Katey, I just read Emily's blog too. I am so very sorry to hear of this loss. I'm thinking of you.


Sarah said...

Email me if you need anything.

ForeverSONkissed said...

hey katie...I started a blog...check it out..

65 Roses for Marcia said...

I'm sorry too, I had been following her blog also, and was shocked. I'll keep you and her family in my prayers!!