Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wrap-Up Wednesday my promise of blogging more obviously didn't happen last week nor this week. It has been SO SO crazy, I just haven't had time to blog. In addition, my computer got a virus the end of last week. So I had to take it to get it removed and just got it back and set up in my new room yesterday. So today, Wednesday, I'm going to do another "catch-up" post. BEWARE: LONG POST (but I do hope you will read it)

I have officially moved downstairs...YAY! I really love having my own space. I was going to post some pics of my scrapbooking area, but my computer is not cooperating right now. So I promise I will post those later this week, hopefully sooner than later. Sorry! I finally have all (or most) of my scrapbooking stuff organized. Now I can finally start scrapbooking (I'm so far behind).

My bedroom is complete, with the exception of my wall art, decorations, etc. I had to buy a new desk because the one that I had in my "old room" was too long. In addition, it was really heavy and bulky, and we were not sure we could get it out of the hall and down the stairs without disassembling it. So my Mom is going to use that desk. I also bought some cute valances for my windows, and are hoping to put those up this weekend as well (I didn't have curtains in my old room). The valences are "suede/velvet-like" which exactly matches my comforter. The colors are exact too...and even more exciting was that they were on clearance at Target!! a few more things just to catch you up on.......

Thank you to those who left comments on my blog regarding Emily Mulkey's passing. It's been tough...but ok. For those of you who would like to write a response to Emily's Memorial Service, a letter to Faith, Jason or another family member, or simply express how Emily's life has affected you, changed you, encouraged you, or inspired you (whether you knew her or not), you are welcome to comment on her blog (specifically by clicking here). These will be printed and bound for the family.

Ok...onto another subject. I had a visit with my ENT last week....only to find out my sinuses looked really good. I was a little confused, as my transplant team as well as myself thought my sinuses were the culprit of this last admission with pneumonia. It may very well have been, but no one knows for sure. My ENT did a culture just to make sure everything was ok. And about 1 week later, the nurse called me to say that my culture grew out moderate pseudomonas. So I am back on Cipro oral antibiotic for 3 weeks...yay! My body is tired of antibiotics...needs a break. But I could tell I was very I'm glad he did a culture. I started doing an occasional Xopenex inhaled neb treatment to help get the junk out. I also start my inhaled TOBI this weekend. I'm trying to stay well and OUT of the hospital.

School is going ok....I bombed my 1st physiology lecture exam this week...yikes. I knew I wasn't 100% prepared. It's been hard coming in 3 weeks into the semester...still have some catching up to do. I'm praying I can bring my grade up. I have my 1st physiology lab exam tomorrow (Thursday). I also have a nutrition class exam next week as well as a project due.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be a very busy day. It is my 25th BIRTHDAY. I have my 3 usual classes, including my physio lab exam. I also have a nursing school application session where I will be informed of everything I need to apply to nursing school. I'm excited about that!

One more thing...I have been experiencing some severe lower back/hip-area pain. It is really bothersome and really painful. Please pray that this resolves quickly, as it is interfering with going to classes, driving, sleeping, etc. I am attending physical therapy like I have been, and doing some other things to try and relieve the pain. Thanks!

I think that about wraps everything up! Sorry for the long post....I'm going to do my best to update and blog more frequently!


Kellee said...

Glad to get a catch up girly!! Ill be praying for you to feel better sinus and hip wise!! Maybe one day ill get around to doing a catch up post LOL its been like 3 months!! Eeekkkk!

Jane said...

Happy birthday! Mine is Friday ... good luck on your tests!

Katelyn said...

Happy birthday!!

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!