Monday, January 18, 2010

Checking In...

Sorry for not blogging much this weekend. As you know, I was discharged from the hospital last Wednesday afternoon. Thursday was spent resting and just hanging out at home. Friday, my Mom and I began moving furniture downstairs, cleaning, and moving stuff back in the house from the garage.

We finally got our carpet installed downstairs this past Thursday. About a year and a half ago, we had a plumbing leak, and it flooded several rooms downstairs, including part of the den. Ever since then, our floors have been concrete and covered with rugs. The entire downstairs has been recently painted, and the bathroom is being renovated as well. The decision was made about a year ago for me to move downstairs, so I could have my own little suite. FINALLY!! I love my parents very much, but I've also really really needed my own space. So now the carpet is installed and we are moving furniture in, out, around little by little. Friday night through tonight was spent working really hard. It will still probably be another week or so before everything is moved downstairs.

I will have a bedroom, own bathroom, and another misc. room that I am using for scrapbooking and storage. I will be able to use the den to watch TV, hang out with friends, etc., instead of having to share the upstairs great room with my parents. We have a so-called bedroom also downstairs (in addition to the other bedroom). It doesn't have a closet, so it can't technically be a bedroom, but it's a really good size/space. I am finally going to have an area for scrapbooking, space to spread out, scrapbook storage, etc. I'm more excited about this than anything :)

Tomorrow I start my school semester (for me that is). This is actually the 3rd week of classes, but the 1st day I am able to attend. I'm really nervous and don't like coming in behind. Last Thursday I still didn't feel that well, so did not attend classes. My nutrition class instructor has been very nice and posts everything online, including her audio lectures. So I'm not worried about that class. My physiology lecture instructor knows I was in the hospital with pneumonia and is excusing me from missing class. However, I know I am behind in reading. He has posted his power point notes online. My physiology lab instructor is deducting points off my grade, despite me providing him with an excuse (luckily it's only one class). He said there were more penalties for unexcused absences. But it still really frustrates me that I have to loose points because I was sick with pneumonia and in the hospital. I think that is just WRONG!!

Sorry for the long post!! I will definitely be back on track for blogging. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Katelyn said...

Oh, I hate teachers like that! I swear they get a power trip from pulling that kind of crap. I'm sorry he's such a jerk.

Afton said...

I know I hate some teachers... some of mine let me miss 1 class then dropped me 3 points (off my final grade) for each other class I missed (even with an excuse)! Ug... Hope you feel better and don't have to miss anymore this semester :)

Sarah said...

Somebody's on a power trip. I had a professor tell me, "I'm sorry your grandmother died but please come to class anyway." Um, yeah. Good luck with school and congrats on your own living space!

OceanDesert said...

Hey Katey! Glad you are feeling better! Your 'suite' sounds GREAT!

Did I read that right that you had your gall bladder removed? I had mine out pre-tx and the worst part was that dang air trapped!

I'll be picturing you getting stronger and feeling better every day!