Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fragments the title of this post may sound a little childish...but I had to think of something catchy. I wanted to do a post with little updates (similar to Tuesday Tid-Bits and other catchy blog memes). So here it goes...

1. Classes went ok this week. I ended up missing classes yesterday morning due to feeling sick and running a low grade fever. But I managed to attend my lab class last night, and it wasn't all that bad. My professor decided to deduct 20 points off my grade (not happy about that) for missing the 1st class, which I missed the first 2 lab "experiments." But from what I've been told, the class is not all that hard, and I should be fine. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2. ENT Appointment yesterday: Sinuses evidently look good (despite them being the culprit of last pneumonia and causing havoc the last few months). Doc took a culture to make sure nothing is growing. If so, I will start on an antibiotic. He gave me a script for bactroban topical cream steroid and wants me to mix it in with my sinus Neil Med Rinse....not too sure about Oh..and my deaf right ear I've been having is due to fluid. So he told me to try and pop my ears 3-4 times a day and it should resolve...who knew???

3. The moving of "me" downstairs is coming along and I hope to be moved in this weekend. If not then, the next weekend for sure. We have to have a little "brotherly" help moving some of the furniture pieces!! I will post pictures soon!

4. I renewed my CF Great Strides Team this past week. Excited to get started on that as well as helping out with all of the other walks our Chapter hosts!

5. Wednesday I had the opportunity to eat lunch with our CFF staff, which included our new executive her very much and excited to have her join our chapter.

6. Looking into buying a mini laptop (Netbook). Need one for those times in the hospital and to use on vacations, etc. I think my Mom and I are going to split the cost, so she can use it for work as well. But this is just an inexpensive purchase....not like when I customized my awesome desktop from Dell. We basically just want Internet access and then need something like Microsoft Office so I can download school documents and my Mom can download work documents into Word, Excel, etc. Any suggestions though? I really want to stick with a Dell or HP!

7. Prayer Requests:

Brandi, who is in the hospital and unfortunately, not seeing much improvement, if any. Please pray that the doctor's will get her on the right regime of meds and whatever else needs to be done to get her feeling better! Click here to visit her blog!

Guy (name will remain anonymous): Post transplant-CFer (was transplanted in July), currently suffering from pneumonia since late November/early December; continues to have fevers (and HIGH fevers) for several months; He has been hospitalized and completed home IV abx multiple times and the fevers still remain, as well as some other symptoms. He has been treated for a fungal infection, just in case. He underwent a surgical biopsy this past week and most cultures have come back negative, with the exception for pneumonia with pseudomonas as the bacteria causing agent. They are still awaiting more culture results. Please pray for ANSWERS, so he can be rid of the pneumonia, fever, and other symptoms. It's almost like his body is not responding to meds, despite all the cultures and sensitivity testing.

Emily, who is currently fighting pneumonia again, and was put back on the ventilator yesterday. She has definitely been going through a rough time and can't seem to fight these infections. Visit her blog for more info and prayer requests. I think that is the end of my "Friday Fragments." I thought maybe I had more things to share...and more "fragments"...not necessarily paragraphs...oh well!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


seth... said...

i like the asus eee pc netbook that Leah got me... i'm sure they are all pretty good for the job, though...