Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Night Update/Football

As far as my lungs go...everything has stayed about the same today. I kept my oxygen off during the day. I am going to turn it down to 1 liter during the night instead of 2 liters, to see how I do. I tried to walk more today, which I think I accomplished. My heart rate is still in the 150s or above when walking, but I know that will get better.

Yesterday evening and night, my stomach started getting major (and i mean major) gas pains/cramps. I have no idea why, but I was burping and passing gas(sorry...tmi) a whole lot. My stomach kept getting bigger and bloated looking. And the pain became to much to handle...I was in tears. I got some pain medicine (IV Dilaudid..not sure how to spell that, sorry), which took the edge off. I was finally able to fall asleep with minimal cramps. This morning was better and the cramps, burping, etc., was minimal. Then all of a sudden this afternoon it began to get worse the point of tears. I took multiple doses of simethocone (anti-gas med), as well as a "good bacteria" pill to see if it would help. It really didn't help, and I had to get more IV Dilaudid to relieve the pain. This is some strong stuff...seriously. It took off the edge of the pain again, but now the cramps are coming back again strong.

Everything "down below" (as far as digesting, etc.) is working fine. They did an xray of my belly tonight to check for obstruction. It didn't show any obstruction, but it did show TONS and TONS of air. How on earth does this much air get into my stomach. It looks like I'm having triplets. It's the worse gas pain I can ever recall having since my obstruction after my transplant in 2004.

I'm afraid to eat dinner, thinking the food will make it worse. I have lost so much weight and really need to start gaining. But these stomach issues won't leave me alone. I'm praying we can figure something out. I have no idea what the next step will be.

Tonight is the National Championship Football Game, in which Alabama is playing against Texas. I am an Alabama ROLL TIDE. One sweet nurse brought me some stuff to decorate my room with. I managed to decorate my door, but that was all I felt like doing today. I have some pom poms to cheer them on...GO BAMA!!!

Still no mention of when I will go home. I missed my 1st day of classes today. Our weather guys had been predicting a good bit of snow, and I was praying classes would get canceled. Most of the elementary, middle, high school, and daycare classes were closed for today and some for tomorrow. It really didn't end up doing much. It did snow and sleet, but nothing really stuck.

Evidently, I have 2 pre-lab assignments due next Tuesday (which is my 1st physiology lab class). I'm going to try and get some reading/studying time in this weekend. My goal is to go home on home IV's on Monday, so I can attend classes on Tuesday.

Sorry for the long update/post. Please pray that these stomach issues will be resolved or they will figure out what is going on. My doctor did page the surgeon who performed my gallbladder surgery to make sure nothing was going on in that department.

Oh...and we transplanted a young girl (well, about 24-25 year old) Monday evening. She needed a heart and double lungs. The transplant was a big success and she is having a very rapid and successful recovery. Please keep her in your prayers that things continue that way. I can't imagine getting your heart transplanted and your lungs at the same time...WOW. She had been listed for a long time, because you had to have the organs from the same person, and that is hard to come about sometimes.

I hope everyone is staying warm and has a great upcoming weekend.


Misha said...

Get better! I'm praying for you. I know how painful that can be. Keep us posted.
God Bless

Brandi said...

Boo! Sorry to hear about your belly. I hope it decides to get over its temper tantrum and behave. I think I'm in 622, but will let you know for sure tomorrow.

Sarah said...

Isn't it nuts how air can get into your body. Did I tell you I had the hiccups for at least 2 months post-op? It was really weird, and I'm glad it's over! Air, air, go away!

Katelyn said...

Katey, I can't imagine the stress and all that is on your plate right now. You're in my thoughts and prayers - I hope you heal quickly and go home when you feel like you're body can handle the "real world". Much love to you.

Audrey said...

ily girl and I'm on my knees

Azer's Mom said...

Hope your tum-tum feels better soon!