Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Update

Once again, sorry for no update until now. The computer I was using sorta crashed, and I was unable to use it at all. I am borrowing Brandi's computer, and very thankful she is allowing me to borrow it. Thanks girl! Brandi just got admitted Friday, so if you haven't visited her blog yet, go ahead and let her know you are thinking and praying for her.

As for me...the lungs are doing good...much better. I am now completely off oxygen. Last night was my 2nd night off the O2, and my oxygen saturations seems to be holding ok. I've definitely got a little bit more energy and definitely feel better. I'm not completely better...but definitely on the road. My goal is to still go home Monday on home IV's, so I can attend classes on Tuesday. We will see!

I ended up getting a unit of blood yesterday (Friday). My HCT dropped 3 more points from Thursday, down to 19. So that gave me a little more energy as well.

As far as my really sucks. It has not gotten any better, and last night was probably the worst night. It descended majorly...looking like I was pregnant with triplets. It really was uncomfortable and the morphine was helping much. I managed to tolerate it after 2 rounds of IV morphine and finally fall asleep. Of course this morning is was better. It has started to distend as of now (4pm CST), and I'm not sure what will happen. Several people (nurses, docs, etc.) were really pushing me to get an NG tube to get the air out. I've been really trying to avoid it. I can handle anything else accept for NG tubes, and was seriously traumatized by them after transplant with my bowel obstruction. I talked with my doctor this morning and he said it was entirely up to me. And he wasn't 100% sure it would cure the problem either. He said we could watch it today and see what it does. He is more than willing to give me some more pain medicine to see if that helps. And if it doesn't, he will probably order an ultrasound. The xray only shows air/gas, and I'm doing everything humanly possible to resolve it. I hate this and it's more frustrating that we don't know what is causing it to build up in my stomach. We know it's not an obstruction, because everything is functioning in that area. He has cut back on one of my oral antibiotics: Azithromycin. I usually take this M, W, and Fridays, but the doc who admitted me changed it to every day. So my doc now is changing it back to M, W, Fridays like normal. Please pray that this issue will resolve itself ASAP and it won't affect me going home. I'm still sick and not over this infection/pneumonia, but feel good enough to resume treatment at home, so I can keep up with classes.

The only other issue is my sinuses. I am still congested in my head and cannot hear out of my right ear at all. And none of this has resolved since admission. Usually the IV antibiotics help with that. So I'm not sure what we will do about this. Because a lot of the times, my sinuses are the cause of the lung infections.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I will update again tomorrow. Oh...and ROLL TIDE!! BAMA IS #1


Katelyn said...

Congratulations on winning nationals. I am a poor loser but recognize when I my team lost. Womp womp...

I'm sorry your stomach is causing you such pain. I'm almost sure you've tried everything, but I thought I would suggest Beano or Pepto/Maalox. When I am on steroids I always have a distended stomach that makes me look like I'm pregnant and those two usually help clear up the gas problem. I am praying that things are resolved quickly!

SWelch said...

Hey Katey!! Steroids also make me look pregnant. I don't have the pancreas and digestive problems you guys have, but I know sometimes if you are on a lot of pain meds it can also cause stomach issues. I hope this gets resolved soon for you. Know that tomorrow at church I will be thinking of you and praying God's will take care of you. =)