Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Update

I'm finally posting a much overdue update!! This has been a crazy and stressful week! I had 2 major exams (1 in Physiology Lecture and the other in my Nutrition Class). After studying almost non-stop the majority of last week and weekend and every day and night this week until Thursday morning....I'm finally taking a day off! I never knew how much studying could exhaust you! Many late nights...too much information to learn. I didn't do as well on my Nutrition Exam as I wanted. The physiology lecture exam wasn't as bad as I expected. I won't know my grade until Tuesday! I'm really praying for a "B", but not completely sure! It is nearing the end of the semester....and it has definitely gone by extremely fast!

I submit my nursing school application in 2 weeks. And I have a lot to do on that! I need to edit my resume. Our university has an online option where you can submit your resume to the career services center and they will critique it for you. That have specific people that know how a nursing resume needs to look and say. So I plan on submitting it to them by Wednesday of this coming week. I also have to write a 1 page essay on why I think I would be a good nurse and why the School of Nursing should accept me. I would really appreciate the prayers these next few weeks as I prepare my application, and then more importantly, that I will be accepted.

On to news other than school.....I've been doing a lot of stuff with our local CF Foundation. I have a more detailed post with this, as I don't want to make this post too long that you won't want to read it! Basically, I've been doing a LOT of speeches and have been really involved in our CF Great Strides Walks that start this month!

Tomorrow I plan on attending church for Easter Sunday. I'm really excited, especially since I have not yet been able to get back to church and Sunday school due to school/studying and/or needing to sleep. We will be having Easter lunch at my Aunt's house tomorrow afternoon. I'm definitely looking forward to that and spending time with family! Last year, I had an extremely bad case of Vertigo, and had to miss out on Easter lunch and the entire weekend in general!

Unfortunately, after Easter activities tomorrow, I will be back into studying and doing school work. I have a online quiz due Monday. I have to listen to an online lecture in order to well on the quiz. I also have a Physiology Lab Quiz on Thursday, which I will need to begin studying for!

That is really all I have to update on! I'm extremely blessed to be celebrating Easter and are truly thankful to Jesus for dying on the cross and rising again! I received my transplant 6 years ago on Ash Wednesday (which that year was February 24th). I never knew that until my wonderful CF doctor pointed that out. Easter is a wonderful season for miracles. And I'm praying that some of you awaiting that miracle of new lungs, gets a wonderful gift SOON!

Brief Health Update: overall I'm still feeling ok. The stress from school the last week or two hasn't been the best, as I've been extra tired. I am coughing a little and are having some chest pain. I can start the TOBI inhaled antibiotic this coming Monday. So I plan on starting it at least sometime next week, and hopefully that will keep any infections at brew away! I will probably go to transplant clinic the 2nd to last week or the last week in April, depending on how I am feeling. My back is hanging in there too. I have my bad days and my good! My shaking is out of control, and I have asked to reschedule the neurology appointment.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter and a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Relax tomorrow and have a wonderful deserve it!!

Sarah said...

Have a happy Sunday, but after that, good luck with your application essay. I hate those!