Friday, April 2, 2010

Take Your CF Deductions!!!!!

Join KnowCF members members LouLou, VMHoward and Julie in their first video conversation about Taxes and CF! I have not listened to this video yet, but based on the topics covered, I am very interested. I highly recommend checking this out, as a lot of CFers and CF family members are not familiar of what they can and can't deduct on their taxes related to CF!

**Moms/Dads**....definitely check this out if you are unfamiliar of what you can deduct! Look at the Nutrition and the Back at Home topics below!

This topical video series (three segments) focuses on United States tax law and deductions that may be allowed for health reasons. This engaging team has worked hard for your benefit, doing extensive research, sharing their stories, and designing a meticulous yet simple-to-grasp spreadsheet for you to model as you organize your own savings possibilities.

Three of the KnowCF e-Patient members, Lauren, Victoria and Julie have organized information on CF healthcare costs and tax deductions. These Health Opinion Leaders (HOLs) explain which expenses qualify for deduction and how to track expenses. They have created roughly fifteen minutes of engaging and polished footage on this very valuable topic.

These are the topics they will cover: (I have not listed every single topic and question. You can visit the website for more information and details)

1. What sort of medical expenses are deductible?

2. What is AGI or adjustable gross income, and how do I know if I should itemize or just take the standard deduction? How much do I need to have in deductions in order to be able to use them?

3. Can a caregiver use these deductions too?

4. What about special equipment and materials for cleaning my nebulizers?

5. What about things we wouldn’t be doing if it weren’t for CF, such as special disinfecting cleaning products and HEPA filters for indoor air purification?

6. Obviously healthy people eat food, how do I know what I can attribute to CF?

9. Are my vitamins deductible?

8. My child drinks nutritional drinks recommended by the doctor. Are those 100% deductible, or must a percentage be deducted that would not be attributable to CF

11. Is there a way to deduct my gym membership?

12. the travel to my CF center deductible? Can I deduct miles to and from the doctor?

13. Can I deduct anything related to my transplant?

14. What about when my child is inpatient, can I deduct visitation mileage, parking, hotel and food?

15. Are home improvements deductible? / Can I claim home improvements that I made as a deduction?

16. Can I deduct the cost of trash?

17. How do I deduct electricity?

Click here to visit the KnowCF website! I personally have never come across this resource website. It branched from the Website. It looks like it can be very beneficial.