Sunday, June 27, 2010


I promise I'm still here and plan on blogging. My schedule has just been way to crazy. So I apologize. I hate not having the time to blog :( I'm up late studying, and couldn't stand the thought of me not having posted anything since the 1st week of July.

We had our Nursing School Info Session on Friday. We ordered our uniforms and registered for classes, amongst other things. We have a more detailed orientation session the week before classes start. I have a CPR class on July 16th;

My Blood Pressure Saga continues with a new medicine as of Friday. So far, it is magical and doing the trick. Last week we had increased the dose of HCTZ (the diuretic), but for some reason, my BP decided to get worse, instead of better, or even just stay the same; overall, the HCTZ was good for removing the fluid I had gained, and really keeping off any excess fluid I may be retaining, but not much in the Blood Pressure situation; I am now on Lisinopril, and my BP has dropped dramatically within just 2 doses of it; But it may be just a tad too much; not sure yet. Will re-address with transplant coordinator on Monday.

My back pain seemed to stabilize and actually get better, until I decided to go tubing on Memorial day weekend. However, finally, it has calmed down somewhat. I had taken a break from my physical therapy appointments, because I didn't want to use up all my visits too soon; I decided to go in for an appt week before last, and I will go again this week; so hopefully that will help.

Two exams next week (Micro Lecture Exam) and midterm for Microbiology Lab Class. And other assignments, etc. for my online Developmental Psychology course.

Babysitting tonight for several families combined

Our local CF Chapter has a Young Professionals Board, in which I am a part of. We have a get-together/meeting Tuesday night. Oh, and our CF chapter finally got its results in for our local (Birmingham) Great Strides Walk. As most chapters are required to send all the money/collections from each Great Strides Walk to a third party now, it takes awhile before everything gets credited to the Great Strides teams, walkers, etc. So far, our Miracles Team has raised a little over $8,730. We may have a few more donations coming in; I'm very proud of my team and all their hard work; and I personally met my goal of $4,000.....raised about $4,375.

I have transplant clinic on Wednesday. I'm on week 3 of my TOBI; i think a Sinus infection has creeped in my body (hoping that's all it is); I have to get all my medical forms signed and vaccinations required for Nursing School Medical Clearance.

Babysitting this upcoming Friday, then headed to the lake for the weekend. Unfortunately, we don't get a day off from classes, like most companies/work offers for the July 4th Holiday.

I really want a beach vacation. Trying to decide about oil spill situation....and if I can go due to my crazy schedule, that works with the other parties involved???

Ok, going to try and get some sleep :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to know you're still out there! You do sound crazy busy and you will be as a nursing student. Hope yo're sinus issues clear up and you get your beach need it I think!

OceanDesert said...

U are one busy lady! ... That's awesome! Keep up the GREAT work!!!