Monday, June 7, 2010

Brief Update

Just when you think your life has calmed gets crazy again :) Sorry for no blog posts like I had intended to do during my 3.5 week break from school/classes. I was busy volunteering with our CFF Chapter, busy preparing for my walk team, babysitting like crazy and then just daily life stuff like sleeping and eating :) I volunteered at our last local CF Great Strides Walk on Sunday. It was a hot day...a fun day, but it flat wore me out.

We did get to go to the lake over Memorial Day Weekend. Despite rain off and on, we had a good time, and Monday ended up being a pretty good day....which included some which I am still completely sore and back pain city. Oh well!

Anywho...classes for the summer semester started back last Wednesday. I have classes 4 days a week...which is a bummer. Usually you can schedule your lab and lecture class on the same day. However, they did not give us that option this semester. And since it is a shorter semester than the fall or spring, we have lab class 2 days a week, whereas during the other 2 semesters, it is only 1 day a week. So needless to say, I'm busy again and back into studying already. We have our 1st Microbiology Lecture Exam next Monday (a week from today). I have found that I don't like the Microscope very well in laboratory...not very talented at looking at things. Hopefully that will improve. In addition to my Microbiology classes, I have an online Developmental Psychology Course.

I am babysitting occasionally on Fridays and weekends...although it has slowed down a lot compared to when I was off from classes for a few weeks. I am teaching Vacation Bible School next week in the mornings...and then I will venture to classes shortly after the kids leave. Usually you have 2 Adults/teachers in each class. But due to limited volunteers, I am on the only adult/teacher for 6 lovely (hoping lovely) 1 year olds Monday-Wed, and 7 lovely 1 year olds Thursday and Friday. I will have 1 teenager helping me. So I have to prepare a lot more than I usually do this week. Usually I just kind of swing it...look at lesson plans, activities, etc., as we go throughout the day. Not this time. Most of the kids are 1 1/2 -2 yrs old, but not yet officially turned 2 yrs. I'm excited, but it will be a crazy week!!!

Ok..due to limited available blogging time and me really needing my sleep lately...that is about all I can share tonight....other than 2 more quick things!

First...if you don't follow me on facebook...then you haven't yet heard...I got accepted into Nursing School. So yes, lots of stuff to do for that this summer as well. Classes will start in August..but there will be lots of info sessions, meetings, and other stuff to complete this summer. Nevertheless, I am thrilled and so excited! Please pray that my body/health will cooperate throughout the nursing program!

And one more prayer request: I am still having issues with my Blood Pressure. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this or how much detail I have discussed? I went off the Norvasc, as apparently it was causing my body to retain fluid badly...and I mean seriously...I gained 7 lbs of fluid in my tummy and feet/ankles. It was awful. Upon determining that there was no more blood clots in my feet, the Norvasc was stopped, switched to HCTZ and Lasix for 3 days. I peed off the fluid eventually, but now the fluid is coming back into my tummy off and on. Last week, between Tuesday night and Wed night, I had gained another 4 lbs of fluid, but yet lost it at the end of the week...and the cycle continues. My BP has dropped somewhat, but I continue to have very high peaks (150s/100s) and on average, it is still running in the high 120s/mid 130s over 80s-90s, with the occasional peaks. Please pray that we can get this under control!

Off to bed and will hopefully post more soon. Sorry for the long post...but if I don't do it all at once, it won't get done.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog... Glad to hear you are doing well. After reading a few past entries, I couldn't help but wonder how your neurologist appt went? Is this the cause of your high bp? (sorry if I sound clueless).

Jamie said...

HUGE congrats from me on the Nurse program acceptance!!! I know how hard it can be to get into the course. I have friends who are working towards their nursing degree.

Sorry to hear about the BP issues and the water retention ~ ugh, doesn't sound fun at all. I always try to think of times when life seems hard as a sign of great blessings ahead! *Love your blog~

Sarah said...

Congrats on getting into nursing school!

Azer's Mom said...

Congrats on the Nursing School! Glad to hear your keeping busy (hope that's a good thing, I love being busy).