Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you Have Substance?

Sarah, over at Stand Tall Through Everything has given me a very honorable and sweet blog award. She has awarded me the “Blog With Substance” award. Thank you Sarah. You are an awesome person and have such a strong and positive attitude, despite life's challenges. I really admire your strength!

As part of my acceptance post, I’m supposed to sum up my blogging philosophy, experience, and motivation in 5 words. So here they are:


Now I am going to give the “Blog With Substance” award to other blogs that I really like and enjoy reading. I find these blogs very informative and filled with "substance" (no matter what it is). The "authors" of these blogs are amazing. So it's definitely worth a visit!

Katelyn Elaine : I am so glad we "met" and quickly became blogger friends. She is always very encouraging and inspirational. Her blog is filled with all kinds of substance!!! Her life always sounds interesting and I really enjoy reading her blog!

Brandi at Every Breath I Take: Brandi and I are friends in real life as well as "blogger world." I love hanging out with her and she really puts an effort into making a difference in the CF Community. Her blog provides resourceful information, but I also really enjoy just reading about her "life." She always has a story to tell and loves to travel!

Michelle at A Cure 4 Lil' Chris: Michelle is an awesome Mom and documents pretty much everything on her blog (like a diary, but with pictures). Her kids are precious. Ever since her son was diagnosed with CF, she has become a huge advocate and is really involved in the CF Community. She loves interacting in the CF Community and Blogger World. Michelle will post informational and resourceful things on her blog, as well as fun things her two little kids are doing! Definitely stop by her blog!

Ronnie at Run, Sickboy, Run: Talk about substance, Ronnie has it all! From information and resourceful posts regarding CF, to stories about his daily life and newlywed life, his life experiences, and much more. Ronnie really tries to be a role model and motivator for those with CF or those families with CF. He has really taken a huge step and is now making a huge impact in the CF Community. But he also shares fun stories from his life that are non-CF related. Definitely give Ronnie a visit! His blog is FULL FULL of substance!

Thanks again Sarah for this blog award!


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Thank you so much katey for thinking of me and giving me this wonderful blog award! I greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your kind words too. I will definitely share this on my blog soon.