Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm still here :)

No, I haven't forgotten about blogging!! I've just been super busy!! As most of you know, I started nursing school this semester. It's a big change, especially in my schedule and I'm still trying to get adjusted. The 1st two weeks were hectic, with orientations and 8-9 hour long days. This week, finally, we are on our set, normal schedule for the semester. My group starts clinicals next week! I'll catch everyone up-to-date this weekend with school, health, etc. But just wanted to let you know all is good. I've attached a picture...it's not the best picture, but I was so excited to have my uniform and stethoscope :) And yes...our school of nursing has white uniforms, which I don't particularly like.

Prayer requests:

The 1st week of classes, I did "something" to my foot. The amount of walking I'm doing is excessive...but nothing I couldn't or can't handle. However, my feet starting hurting that 1st week. I contributed the soreness and pain to a bad/uncomfortable pair of shoes. I only wore the shoes for 2 days, then switched to another pair. But the pain continued to intensify. My right foot is in a serious amount of pain-excruciating. We suspected a stress fracture. I finally got it xrayed this past Friday. Nothing showed up on the xray, but the doc said I could still have a hair-line fracture that didn't show up. However, the break on the same foot (but different spot) that happened back in March/April of 2009, evidently, has not heeled...which is just great. So now my foot, i'm sure is pretty screwed up. I'm staying off of it as much as possible at home, but can't not go to class. And I have to park many blocks away from the nursing building and it includes some hills, which is not good either. I am being referred to an orthopedist to get a better look at what's going on with my foot. For right now, just pray that my foot isn't too messed up where it would need pins or surgery to fix the "old" break. Also pray for the "new" pain I'm experiencing in my foot. I don't currently have any pain from the "old fracture" but do have flare-ups every now and then...UGH!!! You finally do good health wise, and something else always goes wrong!

Ok...so the brief update turned out a little longer than expected! I promise I will post more this weekend!! I Hope you haven't given up on me :) And I hope everyone is having a blessed week so far. I have had a little time to read other's blogs!


Colleen said...

Nice to see your smiling face. Missed you!

Katelyn said...

You are so cute in your uniform! Work those white scrubs, Katey!

Anonymous said...

~Haven't given up! But was starting to wonder, ;) Will say a prayer for your foot...and love the scrubs! Congrats!


Jane said...

Hope you're enjoying school! Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Katy said...

Hey Katey! I am a fellow Cyster that is actually an RN as well! I am still fighting hard with my original set of lungs - but I truly believe that people who have been through what we have become the best nurses! I wish you all the luck in the world - it's definitely not an easy program!