Saturday, September 18, 2010


Obviously I haven't kept my promise about blogging. As I've gotten more into the school year (a month in)....I can tell you that there won't be much time for blogging this semester (maybe on holidays). It's so time-consuming, exhausting and just crazy all over. No time for sleep....just class, clinicals and studying. And with my body.....I really need extra sleep, but it just isn't happening. So blogging is definitely not a priority right now.

I'm still "well" but have definitely been dragging this week. I had a low grade fever Thursday and barely any energy all this week, SOB, etc. I got labwork and chest-xray yesterday. Everything turned out ok (with the exception of being dehydrated). My coordinator wants me to rest as much as possible (haha) and call her Monday. Nursing school is 24/7. It's what I asked for, but I don't think I knew how exhausting it was going to be. When healthy people are complaining about being tired, stressed, etc., you know mine is much worse. But praise the Lord, I've been able to handle it. At least the "stress" part isn't anything new, since I've already been through round 1 of a college degree and used to juggling my health with school. This time it's just much worse!

We learned how to give injections this week :) I had my 1st big test this past Monday and I made a "B" which is awesome!! Another test (in a different subject) this Tuesday, along with LONG clinical days and much much more! Boy will I be glad when the semester is over :) But through all of the hard part, it is fun, and exciting! (so don't think I hate it). UAB is one of the toughest nursing schools there is, but they "produce" some of the best nurses!

Not sure where I left off with my foot...but it did end up being a stress fracture. The doc in the box said it wasn't broken, but the pain was too much for it not to be. So I sought out a really good orthopedist and indeed, it was a stress fracture. I've been using a bone stimulator to help along the healing process. It's amazing how much of the pain is gone and how much I can tolerate walking on it. It's a really cool device that you just strap on your foot for 20 minutes twice a day (or sometimes once a day in my case). It almost feels like it's not broken any more. I get it xrayed again on I'll find out then how it's healing!

I've also been busy with our CFF Young Professionals Board. I am chairing a committee for our upcoming signature event, "Dodge CF" (Dodge ball event). More details to come later! Lots of stuff going on in the CF World...transplants, events, etc.

I might (hence, the word might) try and write more this weekend. But I have tons of studying to do...and sleeping :) So don't be upset if I don't update again. Next week is busy solid...all week, so next blog update probably won't be for a few weeks! But don't give up on me...I still get time every now and then to read your blogs! We have a fall break coming up, and Thanksgiving before you know it. So I know I will get some blogging time in then!

Please continue to pray for strength, energy and just an overall "healthy" body!

Oh...and Roll Tide :)


Katelyn said...

Roll tide? COME ON! hahahaha

I'm glad you're holding your own. Keep up the good work.