Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going Home

So...the plan is for me to go home tomorrow (Thursday) on home IV antibiotics. YAY!! At least I can go home and rest there. Although there is a lot of stuff I have to do this weekend. I should be back at class Monday. Hopefully my abx schedule will work with my class schedule so I don't have to miss any classes or a part of a class.

I do have a Pathophysiology test Tuesday. So I've got to really study for that this weekend. There is a review session Friday and Monday. I'm going to try to go to both of them, as I'm really behind in this class. It's the only class that doesn't take attendance and it doesn't "kill" you to miss it. I have the notes from friends of mine, but still need to study.

I also have a research paper due next Friday. Guess I better work on that this weekend too :)

So the results of the heart is fine...thank goodness. Nothing to be concerned about right now. My nurse practitioner said I have a healthy and beautiful heart :) My doc said that we will monitor it and if things got worse, I can get a heart cath done to check for the pulmonary hypertension. Evidently, the results from an ECHO aren't all that accurate and you really need other tests to confirm it. But there is nothing that indicates I would have pulmonary hypertension or that I needed other tests. So that is good news.

In the heart rate is still high. It may just be that this is my baseline and have been hanging around this # for awhile. I don't really monitor it that much at home, except when I do an occasional BP check (which is usually at rest). And hopefully my heart rate will get better with another week of IV abx. My O2 sats are hanging around 90% when exercising...which is better. And these #'s should also get better with another week of abx.

So please pray that all goes well with doing home IV's and getting back into a normal routine, especially with school.


Jamie said...

Glad to hear you are getting to go home :) Good luck on your test on Tuesday.