Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hospital Day #6

Going on day #6 in the hospital. I have cabin fever really bad. As I mentioned before, I had hoped to be back in class yesterday (Monday) or at the latest by today for clinicals. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Hopefully Thursday will be the day. I will still be going home on Home IV's though. I have several things on Friday, including a Nursing School Luncheon that i'm working at and a CFF Young Professionals Board Fundraising Event. I also have a Pathophysiology test Monday.

My Heart rate over the weekend was higher than it had been earlier in the week. On Sunday, my doctor decided to walk me around the nurse's station and monitor my O2 saturation while walking (since my Heart Rate had been higher). He got a reading of 83% (which wasn't good). I'm not entirely sure it was accurate. I re-walked myself, while monitoring it later that night, and it ranged from 87-90%. So it's still too low. I also am having some really low BP readings (one day is was 80/38). They held my BP med yesterday and today. And tomorrow they are starting it back but at a much lower dose.

So the doctor on call this past weekend, suspected that maybe something was up with my heart. So I had an ultrasound to check for DVTs (deep vein thrombosis...blood clots). I also had an ECHO today. The ECHO technicians kept talking (which I hate when I can't see the screen or they "talk behind my back." However, one of the techs asked me if I knew I had pulmonary hypertension. I said no....no one has ever said that and I never have had it. So I'm guessing I might have some now? A little worried about that.

So..my heart rate is still really high...but other than that, everything is going ok. Still need my O2 sats to get better as well. I can tell that they are low, because i'm getting these massive headaches.

I did have a rough day yesterday morning with nausea and throwing up. And then that sent me into tons of pain. So yesterday was definitely not a good day. No sleep at all. And plus I was drugged with so many meds yesterday including pain meds, that today I've been really sleepy.

My clinical instructor from school came by and saw me today on her way to our unit where we do our clinicals. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be with her coming by. She was really sweet. And it looks like that missing clinicals this week is not going to affect me passing the semester, because I had been doing really well so far. We'll see.

Ok...so I'll update again soon!


Aspiemom said...

Wow, Katey, you have a lot going on. I hope they get to the root of what's going on with your heart and also get your O2 levels up.

Sometimes I think all of the harsh meds we take might be taking a toll on other organs, like our heart. I don't know if that's true. you'd know more, with your nursing training.

I'm sorry you have cabin fever. I HATE being in the hospital. Two days seem like forever to me, so I really feel for you. Glad your instructor came in to visit you and break things up a little.

SWelch said...

So sorry Katey. Praying you get well and get home soon!!