Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is a very random comment....

I figured out a way to make me take a quick shower and not linger.....have a cockroach on the celing above you :)

I HATE bugs...especially cockroaches. I spent the whole time talking to the cockroach while in the shower making sure he wasn't moving any closer to me.

Sorry...I know that was completely random :)

On another note...we have fall Break this week. We get a whopping 1 day off of school. It's technically 2 days, but we are always off on Fridays. This doesn't mean no studying...just no classes. And my Thursday is already booked with appointments. I have my mid-term evaluation with my clinical instructor. I also have a CFF Meeting.

I travel to transplant clinic tomorrow. My health has been holding up, but over the last week or so, I feel like I'm going downhill. I've also started to spike low grade fevers over the last few days. I'm also extremely SOB and more tired than usual. So I'm leaving class early tomorrow (which is a 1st) so I can get to clinic in time. They only have transplant clinic Wednesdays and most of the time they are done by 12 noon. I have to go at 6:00 am to get labwork and chest xray. Then I'm going back to class at 8am until about 10:00 am then hopefully be over at the hospital/clinic by 10:15. Thankfully campus is right next to UAB Hospital, where my transplant center is. And thankfully our instructors are not teaching us anything new tomorrow in skills lab since we are off on Fridays. We are just reviewing what we learned last time. So...I'm hanging on by a string, and I still think it's awesome and feel blessed that I have not been in the hospital since January. I plan to keep that going...but may need a boost of something. I never knew how stressful and exhausting this would be!

I still have the 3 fractures in my foot. They discovered at my last appointment that I have 2 stress fractures instead of 1. I don't really have any pain, but my ortho doc said it would take 6-8 more weeks to heal (and that was 3 weeks ago).

I'm sorry I'm lacking on blogging. Today is the 1st day I've sat and watched TV for a few hours...and that's only because I skipped my morning class and they let us leave early from our afternoon class.

I started watching the news coverage of the Chilean (is that spelled right?) Mine Rescue. I had no earthly idea this had happened. I told my Mom that I need a current event review every few weeks because I never get to watch the news...lol! Isn't this rescue amazing!!

I will post a report from my clinic appointment tomorrow!!


Colleen said...

Sounds like you are busy with school. Thanks for the update!

Sarah said...

When I had stress fractures in my back (we think) my doctor said the only treatment would be putting me in a back brace for 10 weeks, at least. So from the sounds of things you're already on the mend. Good luck tomorrow.

Lovin Lane said...

I just love your pics in your uniform.... Too Cute.... Hope your foot heals fast and you fevers GO AWAY....