Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ok, so I totally thought I posted Wednesday morning after my doctor's appointment. But I guess not. Needless to say, I got admitted Wed to the hospital (HTICU) after my appointment. I did go home and pack a bag, then came back. So going on day 4 being in the hospital.

The main reason I was admitted is because I wasn't responding to the oral antibiotics with this infection. I'm only sensitive to 1 oral abx (Cipro) and it wasn't doing the trick. So IV abx was really my only option. I really didn't expect to be admitted...seriously..and was kind of surprised that is what they wanted to do.

The original plan discussed during clinic was to come in for a few days, then go home on home IV antibiotics. Plans change all the time, and honestly, I don't know when they are going to let me go home. I have clinicals this week for school (pre-clinical Tuesday then clinical Wed and Thurs) so I really want to be out by Tuesday morning. I'd like to be home by Monday. I thought I would be going home tomorrow, but that's out of the question.

Nothing really different to report other than the same ole stuff. I'm getting IV antibiotics, and just being watched carefully. I had been having these episodes of chest pain, which know one has identified the cause to yet. In some respect, they are monitoring this, but the main doc said I could come for some tests as an outpatient that he didn't want me doing them with an acute infection.

I'm trying to walk as much as possible. Today I've been much more SOB and have had a much higher heart rate while walking. But hopefully that will get better.

I told myself I would study today. Did that happen...NO!! I'm watching the Alabama Football game now. Maybe study tomorrow. I'm so behind :(

I'd appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery and for everything to work out with school. I'm stressing big time about school.

I hope everyone has been having a good weekend


Aspiemom said...

I am so sorry that the Cipro didn't lick it and you're in the slammer. I hope you can escape soon so you don't get behind in clinicals.

Feel better soon!

Colleen said...

Thinking of you. Take good care of yourself. Try not to stress about school, although I know its hard not to.

Anonymous said...

Oh Katey, so sorry you're "in", I'm praying that you'll feel better soon and will be outa there! Relax and get better!!!Keep us updated...

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, sorry you are being held hostage there and hope they get that infection under control! I agree with others, don't worry about school, health is way more important!

Jamie said...

prayers coming your way! Getting control of the infection is smart~ just interferes with your busy life :) Hope you are out soon and back to nursing school!


Lovin Lane said...

Oh so sorry you are in lock down :( That has got to be so frustrating for you... Sending you Hugs and prayers for a speedy speedy Hospital stay.... marcy

Azer's Mom said...

Wow that's a surprise. Sorry to hear that your "locked up". Ugh ... don't stress about studying. But get yourself better first!