Saturday, December 4, 2010

Almost done!!

I never would have thought that my blogging days would be so few....who knew?

Anywho...the semester is almost over. I have a final exam Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then I will be done!!

YAY!! I made it through the 1st semester of nursing school....i can't believe it!!! I'm so proud of myself!!

So i promise more blogging time now that i'll have a break from school. I really haven't had a break from school since last Christmas since i only had 1 week in between spring and summer semester and then in between summer and fall semester. So i'm really looking forward to it.

In the health world...things aren't so hot. I starting "dragging" last weekend. Then Monday and Tuesday i got sick....real sick. I missed class Tuesday morning and had to suck it up and go to clinic on Wednesday, which caused me to miss class then too (which was the last week of school--so that sort of sucked). I went to clinic and labs and xray were ok...but i definitely had some sort of respiratory infection because i had been running low grade fevers and had coughing, wheezing, fatigue, and "all of the above." So I got an oral antibiotic to add to my inhaled TOBI. I started feeling a little better yesterday and feel a little better today. If for some reason I don't keep getting better or backtrack, then they said they will do a bronch and restart IV abx. So I'm just praying i make it through next Wednesday. My PFT's had dropped a good bit (but I also haven't done them since June)

So dinner and movie at a friend's house tonight. I've really enjoyed hanging out with my friends i've met this first semester of nursing school! I really hope that some of them are in my clinical groups next semester!

Off for now...but promise i'll be back SOON!!


Katelyn said...

I'm glad you're doing well and I am so proud of you for finishing your first semester of nursing school. Way to go!