Saturday, February 18, 2012

R.I.P. Brandi Thorpe

As most of you know via Facebook, Brandi Thorpe, author of: "Every Breath I Take" lost her life Wednesday, February 15, 2012. I just want to express how much she loved keeping up with all of your blogs and what was going on in your life. She greatly appreciated the support from all of you. This has been a very tough week for her friends and family. I ask you to continue to keep them in your prayers. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me, and I know I will face some tough days ahead. If you feel led, please pray that the Lord will give me the strength to get through this, and stay physically well. Brandi fought a great battle against CF, but never let it define her nor take over her life.

Brandi always lived life the fullest, and always had a smile on her face. She had been suffering these last few months, but more so the last few weeks--but now she is breathing easy. I had the honor of getting to know Brandi like a sister these last 7 years. We became very very close friends. We dedicated our life to helping others with CF and their journey through life. We both supported each other through difficult times. I am grateful for our friendship. I had the privilege of speaking at her funeral today and just being a part of her family this week. I am thankful that I was with Brandi when she drew her last breath here on Earth. She will forever live in me, and I will forever love her.


Meredith said...

You did a wonderful job speaking at the funeral yesterday. I know that must have been especially hard for you, given the special bond that you and Brandi have. I didn't get a chance to say "hello", but I wanted to say that I (and all of Brandi's friends) appreciate everything you've done for her and her family.

Sarah said...

I started reading her blog around the time I started reading yours. I'm sad I didn't get to know her, though her blogging, better. But I'm glad she is no longer suffering. She had a wonderful heart.

The Misses said...

So sad to hear of Brandis passing. She was truly amazing. She will be missed. I'm sure her, Richard and Tony are having a great time catching up.